Making the Bridge

Bridging-2015It’s that bridging time of year again! As the school and church year winds down, many youth in the 18-20 age range are thinking about bridging out of youth group and the adventures that lie ahead.

“Bridging” is what we call the step from youth to young adulthood, when youth choose to transition out of the youth community and into the young adult one. This important transition is often marked with a bridging ceremony that youth can participate in at a youth group event, a conference, or during a Sunday service (or sometimes all of the above).

Youth can choose to bridge whenever it feels right to them (within that age range), and they can bridge as many times as they want. It can be an incredibly emotional transition, as youth leave the beloved community that has been their UU home throughout their high school years. Some may be starting new school programs, jobs, travel, or a move to a different city, so the separation from youth group may be physical as well as mental. Continue reading

Upcoming Youth & Young Adult Events

CUC YouthThere is so much going on in the next few months for youth, young adults and youth ministry professionals! Please see the sections below for events and opportunities, and please pass this information along to those in your congregations that may be interested!

Any questions? Contact Asha Philar, Youth and Young Adult Ministry Development at or 519-900-2995. Continue reading

Hey Canadian Youth!

U do U logoThis is a message from your CanUUdle Co-Dean Queens, Karoline and Meghan! CanUUdle planning is coming along great, and we’re really excited to share it with you in May! The theme this year is U do U — an introspective look at how we can share our bright lights with the world. If you’d like more information, feel free to check out our Facebook event page, ‘CanUUdle XVI’, as well as the Instagram page, @canuudle. The staff are working tirelessly on their workshops, worships, energy games, and much more. With only two months left, we are all are buzzing with excitement.

Don’t delay in registering – the regular registration ($125) deadline is April 30th (no registrations after this date!). To register, go to

Hope to see you there!

CUC Conference 2016: Bolder Ways of Being

What will be your peak moment of the CUC 2016 Conference in Vancouver? Will it be the inspiration of the Confluence Lecture? Will it be the joy of a mass choir raised in celebration at our Sunday worship? Will it be the provocative streams and workshops—from Cross-border Climate Change to an exploration of personal ministry? The smile on your face as you recognize scenes from your own church in the slideshow that will enhance the banner parade? Or maybe just the opportunity to network with Unitarian friends old and new?

Online registration is open now for the Conference “Bolder Ways of Being,” which will bring Unitarians from across the country to the UBC campus May 20-22. After April 30, registration in advance will be closed. Walk-in registration will be available on site once the conference begins. The special group rate for accommodations will end April 15th

Check out the Conference 2016 Website to find out about meal plan options and accommodation at the Gage Residence and make your reservations. Most program sessions and meals will be held in the award-winning new Student Union Building, The Nest. The conference website includes links to other Canadian Unitarian groups meeting on or near the weekend, as well as descriptions of the streams and workshops.

Sunday worship at the Chan Centre will feature the conference choir and special roles for young adults. The service will be followed by a multigenerational lunch and all-ages workshops in the afternoon. The awards banquet on Sunday night is included with full conference or Sunday-only registration.

Quick links: Adult Registration | CanUUdle | Workshops | Schedule | Accommodations | Annual General Meeting

Youth and Young Adult Development Staff Announcement

Ariel Hunt-BrondwinSo long for now…

It’s a good thing I’ve spent the past almost six years working with youth and young adults. In serving this cohort of amazing young people I quickly had to learn a few things:

  • to be adaptable and flexible while also learning where the meaningful limits are and not letting those be abandoned
  • to not take things personally while staying personally invested in building positive relationships and outcomes
  • to be compassionate and generous, and meet people where they are at
  • no matter what else, remember to laugh and find the humour in the situation

In short – it has at times been a wild and woolly ride but it has also been a huge gift to mentor, walk alongside, and learn from the youth and young adults I’ve worked with. There were moments of frustration to be sure, but many moments of pure joy and gratitude – flash mobs at the CUC’s Annual Conference, stargazing at Opus, so many warm fuzzy ‘mailbag notes’ from countless Cons and trainings, and experiencing deep & moving worships at dusk are just a few of the memories that I am blessed to be left with on account of getting to do this work. So given all that, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could have asked for a better preparation for the next adventure I’m about to embark on – parenthood! Continue reading