ToUUch the Earth

As Unitarian Universalist youth we are deeply grounded with strong roots that bind us to this pale blue dot of a planet. We grow from the experiences and knowledge we gain from being ever connected to the earth that surrounds us. We strive to take care of this home. We are all physically and spiritually connected with these grounds upon which we stand, the air that we breathe, and the skies of which we dream. Mother earth and father sky are interwoven into our lives. That is why the theme of CanUUdle XV is “ToUUch the Earth.”

As youth, we are reaching out, digging down, and exploring with our green thumbs this beloved world we all share. We will be exploring the physicality of our lands, as well as the interconnected web, our spiritual imperative to celebrate and protect this planet. We will be trying to touch our earth in all the ways that we can, and by doing so this world will touch us back. We will be standing where earth meets sky and blessing them both with all of our individual gifts, as they bless us with theirs. We will feel the burden of Atlas as we all find strength to “ToUUch the Earth” as one.

-Carter Mahoney, CanUUdle Co-Dean

CanUUdle XIV Ends, the Friendships Don’t!

CanUUdle participants will be missing their friends this month – for many, the best part about CanUUdle is “making new friends from around Canada who are great, kind, and generous people.” And although the number one word this year’s participants used to describe CanUUdle is “fun,” the community is as meaningful as it is enjoyable.

Every year, CanUUdles (the youth conference that happens concurrently with the Annual Conference and Meeting) work to embody the principles of inherent worth and respect and acceptance of all – and it pays off. Youth form a refuge of unconditional friendship that allows them to play more freely and transform more deeply. It is this network of positivity and like-mindedness that makes youth cons so “amazing” and “awesome” (the second most common descriptors), making for a sought-after experience that really marks U*U youth-hood.

This year, CanUUdle benefitted from an exceptional staff; each staff member really put their hearts into their work and supported each other through their growth in leadership. It really is the quality of the community that makes gives CanUUdle its impact and the sincerity of spirit emanates out from everyone who volunteers their time to make CanUUdle happen. Gratitude to all!

Samantha Magnus
CanUUdle Coordinator

CanUUdle XIV Staff Applications are Now Being Accepted

Do you love Youth Conferences?
Are you full of ideas about fun and meaningful activities that you could bring to a Con?
Want to give something back to the youth community that has given so much to you?
Ready to step up for a new challenge?

If these sounds like you – Apply to be on staff for CanUUdle XIV!

This year’s CanUUdle is being held in Montreal, May 16 – 19, 2014.
CanUUdle is the CUC’s annual, three day national Youth Conference, held in parallel with the Annual Conference and Meeting. (Learn more about the 2014 ACM)

Each year a team of dedicated, volunteer youth and adults from around the country comes together in late fall, and over the winter and spring collaborate, to collectively create the magic of CanUUdle and this year is no exception!
We need need experienced and enthusiastic youth and adults to come aboard and make up this year’s CanUUdle staff team.

  • Youth who have not been on CanUUdle Staff before but have been on staff for Regional Youth Cons are especially encouraged to apply, as CanUUdle is as much about learning the ropes as it is working from your experience.

Read more about CanUUdle and the different staff positions available.

Already know you want to apply? Go straight to the online application

What YoUUth say about being UU

When the CUC Board of Trustees meets for their “face to face” meetings, one of the things they do is share news and updates of each congregation in the country, with each board member reporting on their assigned congregations. At this year’s November meeting, Micaela Corcoran, official Youth Observer to the Board (YOB), decided that she was going to participate in the “congregational contacts” too.

Micaela, who is part way through her second and final YOB term, is an eighteen-year-old McGill student, from the First Unitarian Congregation of Hamilton. Despite having almost 50 congregations to check-in with, Micaela wanted to provide the Board with a “youth update” too – to bring more of the Canadian youth voice to the board table. Continue reading

CanUUdle XIII Staff Applications Open

**Applications are now closed. Many thanks to all who applied.**

CanUUdle is the annual national youth conference of the CUC. CanUUdle Staff are volunteer youth and adults who together plan and deliver the four-day conference. Staff roles include Co-Deans, Logistics Coordinator, Worship Coordinators, Chaplains, and many more. Applications for Co-Deans and Logistics Coordinator are due December 1st, while all other staff positions are due December 15th.