Tips for Intentionally Inclusive Congregations

WelcomeSeptember marks the beginning of another church year. It’s an exciting time,  a chance to launch new programs or projects, to resume committee work, and to reconnect with friends. Much of the work that makes the congregational wheels turn happens automatically. But when it comes to creating an intentionally inclusive congregation, some extra effort may be required. Are children and youth welcome in the service? Is the building (and service) accessible to people with disabilities? Is the bulletin board up to date? Do you find it challenging to start new conversations? Read on for tips on how addressing these and other questions can create a truly inclusive and welcoming spiritual community.. Continue reading

Opportunity for Compensation Consultants

Compensation Consultants are volunteers, trained and supported by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Office of Church Staff Finances, who help congregational leaders navigate the complexity of ministerial and staff compensation, benefits, and employment agreements. Currently, we have only one Compensation Consultant serving congregations in Canada. Many thanks to Barry Coburn for his ongoing service, and to the late Bob Dobbs, who passed away earlier this year.

We are eager to recruit and train one or two more Compensation Consultants to assist Canadian congregations. Prior human resources or similar experience is helpful but not necessary. Compensation Consultants engage with congregational leaders through informal phone and email exchanges, and also provide formal consultations for which  they receive an honorarium. We expect our Compensation Consultants to be comfortable with teleconferencing options such as Zoom, since most of our consultations and trainings are held virtually.

If this volunteer opportunity intrigues you, or if you want to recommend someone, please contact Jan Gartner, UUA Compensation and Staffing Practices Manager:

Congregational Updates for CUC

Survey boxesEach year, CUC staff requests your congregational membership numbers for our records and for calculating Annual Program Contributions and delegate allocations. In addition to this information, we are also updating information about your leadership roles and congregational programming and activities. The survey will take some time to fill in, and if you’d like a pdf copy of the questions ahead of time, please email We ask that one person be in charge of collecting and entering the information, and file the information so that it’s easily accessible, as we will be asking for updated information annually. Please complete the survey here by November 10, 2016.

CUC Support for Congregations – Can you use a Facilitator?

Facilitating WorkshopOften when congregations are facing big decisions, embarking on vision or planning processes, they find themselves wondering how best to proceed. It is often useful to seek input from the members of the community, and to free up all members so that they can participate fully. Congregations also know that it is important to do the work in a way that includes a variety of viewpoints – so that our UU values of democracy, inclusion, and diversity are represented in the work and in the results. CUC staff recognize this need and have recently provided training to a group of people who are now able to act as facilitators for your congregation.   Continue reading

Share Your Wisdom and Get Answers Through CUC’s New Roundtables!

webinarThis summer, CUC staff are launching a new platform for information sharing and discussion – CUC Roundtables! It’s a pretty simple concept: we offer you a Zoom space (online video conference) to discuss or workshop a particular topic, we promote the Roundtable with you and offer facilitation support as needed. This is different from a webinar (which we also do), because it relies on the expertise of the participants, and is not a prepared workshop or presentation by a subject matter expert.

Here’s an example: You’re looking to overhaul your pledge campaign and would love to hear what people have found successful at other congregations. Organize an online Roundtable to gather together leaders from across Canada who can share their experiences with pledging and fundraising. Everyone leaves with more information and ideas! Continue reading