2018 CUC Conference: An Invitation to Love and Justice

May 18 to 21, 2018, at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario

Call for Proposals

“As Canadian Unitarian Universalists, we envision a world in which our interdependence calls us to love and justice.” This vision of our national faith community asks us to live this out through actions of love and justice. We are called to work together from a place of love to bring justice to all beings.

Registration for the conference will open in January 2018.

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Registration Now Open: Vancouver 2016 National Conference!

REGISTER NOW! Early Bird Deadline Ends March 31st.

The Canadian Unitarian Council’s 2016 national conference is our opportunity to come together as Unitarians and Universalists from across the country and beyond, in beautiful British Columbia. This year’s conference will be hosted by the four Lower Mainland BC congregations: Beacon Unitarian Church, North Shore Unitarian Church, South Fraser Unitarian Congregation, and the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.

Building on themes and Confluence Lectures from the last few years, Conference 2016 will focus on better connections among UUs, greater public awareness, and deepening spirituality—on Bolder Ways of Being—Être et vivre avec plus d’audace. Over the weekend of May 20–22, Unitarians will explore sharing, the risk (and rewards) of telling our stories, and connections. Register online for this enriching experience! (Early bird deadline ends March 31st) Continue reading

Introducing the 2016 CanUUdle XVI Co-Deans & Youth Staff!

A note from Karoline Moore…

Hi, I’m Karoline, one of your Co-Dean Queens for CanUUdle 2016! I’m 18 years old, I’m from North Vancouver British Columbia, and attend North Shore Unitarian Church. Currently, I’m doing an associates degree in Global Development and International Relations at my local university! This year’s CanUUdle will actually be my first CanUUdle, as well as my first time deaning! I’m super excited for this opportunity and am excited to bring everything I can offer. I have been to six Pacific Northwest District Cons and BC regional cons, and was on staff for several of those cons. I have also attended Goldmine Leadership school in Washington, and am going to attend a Chaplain training in Washington this February! I’m beyond elated that this year CanUUdle is taking place in Vancouver, and I can already tell from what we staff have been working on that it is going to be a great time! Can’t wait to see everyone’s beautiful faces there!

The second half of the majestic deanly duo, Meghan Bennett, is a member of the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto’s youth group. Having been to more than seven conferences, and staffed twice (once as Community Captain, and once as Co-Dean), Meghan is an experienced con-goer and planner. She has also completed a Chrysalis training in youth worship planning and outside of the UU world is a dedicated member of Cadets. She has already brought her infectious enthusiasm and on point facilitation skills to our first staff meeting, and will surely continue to be a fantastic leader as CanUUdle XVI comes together. Continue reading

Join the Call: Imagining Annual Young Adult Conferences

UU Young Adults at the CUC 50th anniversary Annual Conference & Meeting in Toronto, May 2011

As the Canadian Unitarian Council National Conference moves away from annual gatherings and begins to explore the new rhythm of creating a national UU conference every two years, the question quickly arises: what about CanUUdle? For youth, an annual conference is a must to create and maintain that precious national community that comes together alongside the CUC’s adult conference. The time-frame for youth participation is a short 5 (give or take) years, and halving opportunities to nourish the Canadian UU youth community was rejected wholeheartedly by CanUUdle participants in 2014.

This sparked an ongoing conversation about how youth conferences will continue annually without the support of the ACM, and how the possibility of creating a national young adult conference to run in parallel with CanUUdle might work. Conversations are now set to continue in an effort to create the framework for maintaining these youth and young adult conferences, during the year(s) when the CUC’s National Conference is not taking place. This is a really promising idea and we would love to see it happen in 2017. Continue reading

The Business of Resolutions, Part II

CUC ACM 2015

Four motions for action plans and one motion to form a monitoring group were presented at the 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM). The “Business of Resolutions” article in the April 2015 eNews explained the approach of presenting action items to fulfill previously approved resolutions rather than creating new resolutions annually. This year, delegates approved: Continue reading