Erin Horvath – Social Justice Lead

Erin has over 25 years of experience promoting right relations between peoples and Nations through community building, social entrepreneurship, politics, environmental planning, art, and collaborative initiatives within the not-for-profit, private, educational, health, political, policy development, and community sectors, in particular with rural and First Nations communities in Northwestern Ontario. 

In her non-CUC work, she is the Co-founder of New Vision Unlimited where she is working on initiatives related to sexual violence culture shifts, poverty reduction, and social entrepreneurship. Erin’s experience in storytelling and performing arts make her a creative and dynamic facilitator, educator and speaker.  She is currently completing her Doctorate with a focus on social entrepreneurship with an Indigenous context and the internal work that social entrepreneurs can do to explore their own blindspots related to the notion of “Doing Good”.

One of the things she brings to her position with the CUC is experience working on a variety of levels including grassroots, on-reserve, organizational, political, and policy development. This has given her unique experience with how the perspectives of colonial governments, settler environmentalists, and First Nations interact. Within her local climate justice movement and her work with the CUC she is eager to help people weave together their approaches to climate justice and right relations with Indigenous peoples in a way that is decolonizing and healing for people and the planet. She is also passionate about helping people do the work related to decolonizing, reconciliation, and dismantling racism within themselves and their congregations. 

In her part-time social justice role with the CUC she supports you and your congregation by:

  • Working on the Truth, Healing and Reconciliation initiative
  • Connecting people, groups, and congregations interested in similar social and environmental justice initiatives
  • Creating learning and expansion opportunities for Unitarians and the broader public focused on decolonization, racial justice and environmental justice
  • Promoting social justice campaigns and initiatives that align with Unitarian Universalist principles and which are important to Unitarians

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