Margo grew up in Unitarian Universalist churches, first in Chicago and later in Ohio. She has early memories of standing in anti-nuke social justice rallies from an early age. Currently, she is a member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal (UCM), where she served as Vice President and Board President, along with other volunteer positions, before joining the UCM staff as their communication specialist. She also served as a lay chaplain. Margo developed the CUC website in 2018 with the support of the CUC staff and other contributors.

While completing her doctorate in medical physiology at the Ohio State University, Margo also worked as a psychotherapist specializing in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Coming to Quebec, she worked to combine these with her interests in communications and marketing. She’s worked for various companies in health care and technology as a marketer in product development and in various communication roles, particularly focused on web and social media development. These experiences have all added to her skills as a leader, team builder, and a relational communicator who understands the importance of collaborative teams.

Active in the LGBTQ+ community, Margo is also a musician (singer-songwriter) and can be found around Montreal and its vicinity performing at various locations. She also worked in a collective non-profit organization promoting and producing concerts by women artists for over 15 years. She firmly believes in the importance of music and arts in UU communities. She also is aware of the critical role of communications in supporting the growth of Unitarian Universalism across Canada.

Originally from the United States, Margo has lived in Quebec, Quebec City and Montreal, since 1997 and has dual citizenship with Canada and the United States.

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