Join The Ripple Effect
CUC Call to Action 2019 & 2020

Be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change

-Tim Cook



Plunge into 2019 with the CUC as we explore issues surrounding
Our interconnections with it, and responsibilities to it.

Join other Unitarians and water activists across the country as we start ripples of change!

LEARN about local, national and international water issues by networking with water activists across the country.

SHARE what is happening in your area with other congregations and organizations.
Our Ripple Effect Facebook page is the place to engage in conversation, ask questions, share experiences and expertise.

  • a photo with a short statement about a water concern or action in your area
  • a short film you’ve created  (1-2 minutes) about a water concern or action in your area.  We will showcase these at our CUC Gatherings.
  • a sermon, reflection or song related to water
  • a news article, website, film or book related to a water concern or action.  We’ll add these to our resource pool on the CUC website coming soon)

ENGAGE in personal and collective action.

Consider what you’d like to do as a group, congregation, family, workplace or individual. Whatever your ‘pebble for change’ is, big or small, your actions will have a ripple effect. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Have another idea that inspires you?  Go for it! Whatever you decide to do, please share on our Facebook page so the ripple effect can grow!

REFLECT on our interconnection with water and its relevance in our spiritual journey.

Study how water flows in a valley stream, smoothly and freely between the rocks.  Also, learn from holy books and wise people. Everything-even mountains, rivers, plants, and trees- should be your teacher.
-Morihei Ueshiba

  • Host a Water Blessing alongside other Canadian UU Congregations in Autumn.
  •  Write a song, sermon, reflection, poem, guided meditation or another reflective medium to explore the interconnectedness between our nature as humans and the welfare of the water.  Consider sharing with us so we can add it to our Resource Pool.
  • Explore the 2019 Sharing Our Faith Service package that is focused on water.
  • Check out our Ripple Effect Facebook page for reflection ideas and resources.