Leaders’ Roundtable – Young Adult Town Hall

Saturday April 24, 12:00 pm PT |1:00 pm MT |2:00 pm CT | 3:00 pm ET | 4:00 pm AT  (1.5 hours)

A chance for young adults (18-35) in our community to come together for an update and collective brainstorming on how to move forward through the next months of the pandemic and beyond.

We’ve made it through an entire year of the COVID-19 pandemic! The Canadian YA community has remained strong, and our events and programs have been able to adapt to keep us connected and safe. Now, with vaccines being rolled out, it is time to start collectively imagining what’s next.

Some questions for us to consider together: if and when we are able to travel again, how much will we do so? What will hybrid in-person and online events look like? We’ve been able to do so many new and experimental things this year, which was only possible because many of the things we would normally be doing weren’t. When those old traditions are available to us again… will we want them back? And if we choose to pick them up again, will we have to give up some of the new joys we have found? How will we choose to move forward into the post-pandemic reality?

Come and share your thoughts! 

Register through Zoom only: https://bit.ly/2EUMhsD