This workshop is for those considering Lay Chaplaincy, recently appointed Lay Chaplains and members of a congregation’s Lay Chaplaincy committee. It provides basic guidelines on the management of a congregation’s Lay Chaplaincy program and the training new Lay Chaplains need to begin their work.

Lay Chaplain terms are for six years, so training for new Lay Chaplains is required regularly. This “Basics” course is the keystone piece to that training, and incoming lay chaplains should participate in this training close to the time of their appointment by the congregation. Please note that the Basics training is only held about once a year in each region, so planning ahead will help make sure your congregation is prepared.

Any Lay Chaplains installed by your congregations in 2013 or earlier will be retiring soon and you’ll be looking to recruit new ones.  Please check the status of your Lay Chaplains and encourage any member who might be interested in attending the Basics Course to consider doing so.

While the Basics is a required course for those who become Lay Chaplains, it is also recommended for congregation members who are interested in serving on your congregation’s Lay Chaplaincy support committee or who are just interested in designing and leading rites of passage.

We encourage all who are interested in this rewarding and spiritually enriching work to attend. Congregational leaders will be asked to indicate their support of each candidate on the registration form.

Register by April 6th!

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Please register early to make sure this program goes ahead as this is dependent on adequate registration. Registration deadline is April 6th.

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Facilitators: Rev. Meg Roberts and Liz Graham


Friday, April 27th
5:30 pm:    Registration (begins at 5:30) and paper bag dinner – please bring a bagged dinner with you
7-9 pm:      Evening session

Saturday, April 28th
9am – 5 pm     The program will help attendees how they can best work with those planning rites of passage.  They will also learn about legal requirements for marriage officiants.   Practical matters like program administration, using a microphone and finances will be covered.

Sunday, April 29th
9am – 3:30 pm (including the 10:30-11:30 am worship service at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver)


  • Fri dinner– bring your own paper bag dinner
  • Sat & Sun lunch – provided
  • Sat dinner– will organize dinner out for those interested


Cost: $99

*Cost does not include accommodation or travel.  (Please do not pay for travel until March 30th, at that time we’ll let you know if registration is sufficient to run the program)

The CUC transitioned to on-line only payments for event registration in January 2017. We acknowledge that online payments may be difficult for some, and anyone in need of support is encouraged to contact the CUC office. If you are uncomfortable using your credit card online,  call the CUC office at 1-888-568-5723 to make your payment over the phone.

Accommodations & Transportation

Billeting can be arranged on a ‘best effort basis’.  Please fill in the billeting information on the registration form.  The congregation’s location is noted on this map.  Transportation to/from the training is the responsibility of participants.