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In 2032 we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first Unitarian sermon preached in Canada. For nearly 200 years our faith has provided a welcoming place for seekers to bring their questions, for the open-hearted to bring their concerns and for those committed to justice to do their work. 

In recognition of this milestone, the CUC Board initiated a task force to embark on a visioning exercise to imagine who we are and who we can be as a faith movement entering into our third century together. 

Our QUUest committee was established in May 2019, but as with many things, Covid has shifted our perspective and our needs. We have been given the opportunity to reimagine ourselves and our faith now and in the short term, with an eye to using what we are learning to help sustain us and nurture our faith in the long term. 

How are we doing this work?

The first goal of the taskforce is to understand where we are today. A QUUest survey has been developed to invite our members and friends to share their vision for our future. We have more than 4000 Unitarian Universalists in Canada and we want to hear from all of you! 

This survey offers questions for Canadian UU individuals, families or groups to answer.  Individuals and families are invited to input their responses directly into the survey. A preview of the questions are available in this Google document.

For those who would like to meet in groups to explore answers together, perhaps at your virtual coffee hour, during an online discussion group or check-in, at a youth or young adult group event, or at a gathering of UU colleagues, a short facilitation guide is available. .  If you have completed the survey as part of a group, you are also welcome to answer the individual version if you have additional comments.

The survey closes December 15, 2020, and once the survey results have been compiled the Taskforce will develop a report for our Spring 2021 AGM.  

Looking for more information? Read the QUUest report to our 2020 AGM.

With thanks from your QUUest Taskforce:

Fiona Butler – yob@cuc.ca
Katharine Childs – kchilds.dre@gmail.com
Linnea Granberg – yob@cuc.ca
Vyda Ng – vyda@cuc.ca
Chuck Shields – chuck@cuc.ca
Debra Thorne minister@cuc.ca

Questions or need more information? Contact quuest@cuc.ca

Thanks to Carter Mahoney, Peterborough ON, and Liv Gardner, Winnipeg, MB for their participation in the Task Force in 2019.