YOB Applications

Hey! You must be interested in applying to be the 2017-2018 Youth Observer to the CUC board!

Important Dates:

  • February 1: YOB application opens
  • February 24: Application deadline – candidates will be contacted about submitting a video statement and photo for the election.
  • March 24 – April  9: Online voting is open – for all youth (14-20) across Canada.
  • April 15: The new 2017-18 YOB is announced!

Know what you are applying for!
See the YOB job description for a full list of responsibilities.

To run for election, all YOB candidates must:

  1. Submit a written statement with answers to several questions (through the online form below)
  2. Provide 2 references (1 from a youth and 1 from an adult) who can speak to their character, skills, commitment and involvement in UUism

After being accepted as candidates:

  1. Provide a current photo of themselves (one they are comfortable being made public)
  2. Provide a short, video statement** about:
    1. why they want to run for the YOB position, and what they bring to the position
    2. what aspects of youth ministry are of most concern to them
    3. what are their dreams and goals for a thriving UU Youth community in Canada

Ready to Apply?

Submit your application to run for YOB by filling out the form below.
Applications and references are due by Friday, February 24. We will contact you to request your video and photo for the website. Voting takes place from March 24 – April 9.

**About the Video Statement – the purpose of the short video statement is to make it easier for each YOB candidate to readily share their ideas and message about why they want to be the next YOB, to the youth of Canada.  Making a video statement, also provides YOB candidates the chance to express themselves in a variety of ways and is an opportunity to be creative…and concise!

  • Video Statements may be no longer than 4 minutes long.
  • The videos should be posted to YouTube or Vimeo, etc and can be filmed from a laptop, cell phone or camera.

Questions? Concerns? Need Help?

Contact CUC Youth and Young Adult Ministry Staff, Asha Philar (youth@cuc.ca)