CanUUdle Staff

CanUUdle Staff Applications are now open for CanUUdle 2017!
We are on the look out for this year’s talented and committed group of youth and adults who will lead CanUUdle 2017.  Interested to know more? See below.
Ready to apply right now? Scroll down to fill out the online Staff Application form (applications will be accepted until Friday, December 9)

What are CanUUdle staff?

CanUUdle has always been a largely volunteer driven event and would not be possible without the many youth and adults working together to make it happen. Currently CanUUdle receives direct CUC staff support from the CanUUdle Coordinator and the CUC Youth and Young Adult Ministry Development staff, but it is the volunteer CanUUdle staff who do most of the organizing and running of the Con each year.

The CanUUdle staff team is composed of 11 youth and two adults. Together they do the work of planning the whole CanUUdle conference, deciding on everything from the year’s theme and what workshops will be offered, to choosing the colour for a CanUUdle t-shirt. In addition to the many logistical tasks they take on, the CanUUdle staff collectively function as important community stewards, conveners and, most importantly, role models and leaders of the youth community leading up to and during CanUUdle.

Being on staff is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills, learn how to organize a big event, plan a schedule, facilitate meetings and much more! You’ll also meet amazing youth and adults from across Canada and make long lasting friendships through the planning process.

Staff Commitment
Regardless of the size and scope of their role – the whole staff commits to working together to collectively create and lead each year’s CanUUdle program. Plan on spending an average of 1-3 hours per week on CanUUdle planning between January and May.

All staff commit to:

  • Participating in ongoing planning teleconferences and meetings (at least 7 meetings between January and May)
  • Maintaining regular communication with each other via the CanUUdle email group and the staff Facebook group
  • Generating ideas and a vision for the whole con
  • Following through on assignments and tasks for their staff portfolio, and for the work of con planning in general
  • Asking for help when needed (and before deadlines are past)

Timeline for CanUUdle 2017 Planning:

  • Application Deadline: Friday, December 9
  • Co-deans chosen: December 15
  • Other staff positions chosen: December 19
  • The first All Staff meeting will be a must-attend meeting during the week of January 9-12 (date to be set in December).
  • All CanUUdle Staff (Youth and Adults) are required to be arrive at the CanUUdle site by 5:00pm on Thursday May 18 (one day before the Conference begins) and should not plan to leave the CanUUdle site until after 3:00pm on Monday May 22, following all the clean-up and a full staff team debriefing.
  • All CanUUdle Staff (Youth and Adults) must agree to follow the CUC Code of Ethics and all CUC Youth policies, as well as provide a signed Congregational Involvement form. All adults must have a completed a Police Records Check.
  • Partial funding is available to subsidize the staff’s travel and/or registration costs. The staff will distribute available funds among themselves based on individual needs and travel costs. No successful staff applicant will be turned away due to financial constraints. Additional funding is available through the CUC Youth and Young Adult Subsidy Fund.

Staff Roles

Click on each role to see what’s involved

Co-Deans (2 youth, preferably one from the local congregation/area) - View Description

These fine people oversee the planning and operation of the entire conference.  They get to choose the conference theme and are responsible for helping select the rest of the staff.  They work closely with the CUC CanUUdle Coordinator and the CUC Youth and Young Adult staff to oversee the whole program of CanUUdle, including coordinating the creation of the master CanUUdle schedule, as well as liaising with CUC staff and committees as needed.

The Co-Deans make sure that all staff members (including workshop leaders) understand their jobs, and are on task. Being a Co-Dean is about empowering and helping others to get their tasks done – that is the main task of the Co-Deans (that and leading the planning process in the months leading up to CanUUdle)

During CanUUdle, the Co-Deans are the head and hands of the conference – they hold it all together and they provide the public voice of the Con staff – making all announcements and keeping the community updated on everything that’s going on.

The Co-Deans should be: organized, self-motivated individuals, excellent with logistics and adults, comfortable with large and small groups, enjoy coordinating meetings and good at keeping the “big picture” view of CanUUdle in mind. This work is largely about delegation, checking in on others, and providing support. It’s not about doing it all yourself! If you prefer to have concrete jobs and really get into detailed planning this is probably not the best role for you.

Interested, but not sure whether being co-dean would be right for you? You can contact Asha Philar to talk it over at or on Facebook at Asha Philar CUC.

Activities Coordinators (2 youth) - View Description

The Activities Coordinators are responsible for organizing all the workshops and major program activities that happen throughout the conference. Together they are responsible for recruiting all workshop leaders to lead sessions related to CanUUdle’s theme, and they help the Youth Observers to the Board (YOB) to organize a workshop about Youth Ministry, the CUC and the YOB position.  The Activities Cos are also responsible for planning bigger, large-group activities which could include: a coffee house, dance, flash mob, scavenger hunt, etc.  The Activities Co will work with the Co-Deans and the other staff members on the Creative Team to plan the activities and schedule for the con.

Applicant attributes should include being energetic, creative and comfortable with groups of all sizes, and have a strong vision of what kinds of events you want to plan. Being from the local area or having a good knowledge of the host city and what we can do there is a big plus, but not a must! Experience in social justice campaigns and events is also an asset.

Ideas for fun, interesting, and engaging activities and a strong understanding of how to build conference community are musts.

Advisors' Advisor (1 adult) - Position Filled for 2017 - View Description

The Advisors’ Advisor’s (aka the Adult Coordinator) main work comes during the Con, by  providing support to the adults and helping to ensure they are well integrated into the CanUUdle community. This person acts as a liaison between CanUUdle staff and the advisors during the Con. The Advisors’ Advisor and a Co-Dean facilitate the adult orientation and daily advisor meetings. The AA also provides mentoring to new advisors and presents advisors’ appreciation and concerns at CanUUdle staff meetings.

Pre-Con responsibilities include checking in frequently with and supporting the Co-Deans and other staff especially around program related planning ie) workshops, worship & special events etc.

Good attributes for this position include: a nuanced understanding of youth empowerment; previous experience attending Cons as an adult; good listening skills; extensive experience as a youth advisor; comfort facilitating meetings; and strong knowledge of the appropriate role(s) of adults as advisors.

Chaplains (1 youth and 1 adult) - View Description

Chaplains are the spiritual resources for the conference community and their main duties come during the Con. They do not need to be ordained UU ministers (although Ministers and seminarians are welcome!) but they do need a good understanding of the spiritual and emotional needs of youth. They work with other staff members and youth at the conference to help ensure a healthy conference community, and are available to individuals who seek support (including the staff).

Before the Con, the Chaplains work with the Community Captain in planning how best to do outreach and include all the CanUUdle first-timers both before and during the Con. The chaplains also recruit 2-3 “assistant chaplains” ahead of time to help them support the community. If a youth needs to leave the site for a trip to the hospital at any point during CanUUdle, a chaplain may be asked to go along.

Applicant attributes should include: superb listening skills; strong empathy; strong personal boundaries and ability to deal with individuals in distress.
*Youth chaplaincy training is a requirement for this position, except for seminarians & ordained clergy.

Community Captain (1 youth) - View Description

The Community Captai plans for an awesome and inclusive time of welcome and works closely with the Activities Coordinators, Chaplains, and the CanUUdle Coordinator to ensure that first time CanUUdle participants are particularly welcomed and integrated into community.  Inclusion, community building, openness and discouraging cliques are key considerations for this role.  The CC is responsible for running a “newbie” orientation or briefing with support from the Chaplains and one of the Co-Deans. The CC also works with the co-deans and staff on the Creative Team to organize and coordinate the Spirit Corps team at CanUUdle – who work to support the over all well being of the Con community.

This person should have a good understanding of how to build conference community and have a wealth of various games and activities they can draw on easily if community building is needed at any point, or if there’s extra unforeseen waiting time.  This person must also be comfortable with groups of all sizes and be available from the Friday noon onward at the site to lead the initial stages of community building as the CanUUdle participants arrive.

Memory Keeper / Registrar (1 youth) - View Description

The Memory Keeper / Registrar, is responsible for helping to publicize and promote the con and for documenting the conference and this year’s community and creating a means of sharing that documentation electronically.  This electronic ‘keepsake’ can include photographs of participants and activities, as well as illustrations, quotations, short interviews, graphics, poetry, music, videos and anything else that will capture the spirit and flavor of CanUUdle.  To help put this together, the Memory Keeper runs a workshop so other CanUUdlers can contribute. Using available programs and websites (such as Facebook albums, Flicker, blogs, google docs, tumblr, google+ etc) the Memory Keeper should plan to create a secure place for participants to access to all these mementos and pictures. The format of this treasure trove of memories should be largely prepared before the conference. (see an example of the memory site that was created by the 2013 memory keeper)

Desirable attributes include: strong knowledge and familiarity with available technologies, photography, creativity, organization and dedication.  This is one of the more solitary staff roles and requires quite a bit of pre-planning and follow-up after CanUUdle is over to put all the memories together and then distribute them. Interest and skill in photography is an asset as is having access to a high quality digital camera.

This is a combined position with the Registrar/Publicity coordinator: The Registrar is one of the most pre-Con intensive positions but has relatively few duties once the Con is underway.  The Registrar’s mains responsibilities include: creating the “Pre-Packet” confirmation email message, planning and overseeing the entire on-site check-in/registration process and coordinating all CanUUdle related publicity efforts to Canadian Youth including using email announcements and a CUC CanUUdle Facebook Event page.  Additional tasks include helping the CanUUdle Coordinator match youth to advisors and distributing other registration info to relevant staff (e.g. workshop suggestions to the Activities Coordinators).

Qualities applicants should have to do well in this role include: being highly organized, detail oriented, have a strong familiarity with technologies like google docs and excel spreadsheets, as well as good communications skills and ease working with adults.
*Note the Registrar no longer creates the CanUUdle registration forms

Touch Group Coordinator (1 youth) - View Description

The Touch Group Coordinator plans all of the Touch Group sessions for the conference as well as recruits the TG leaders, and puts together all of the Touch Groups.  Along with these tasks, they are also responsible for putting together a script of each touch group session as well as providing suggested activities and resources for touch group leaders to use with their group. The TG Co should have a strong understanding of how to create safe space and have lots of ideas about how to create meaningful and deep touch groups that include both silly and spiritual activities that are engaging and encourage sharing, bonding and spiritual growth.

Desired attributes include being organized, a strong communicator with both youth and adults, approachable, a good facilitator, social justice-minded and comfortable with groups of all sizes. Experience as a Tough Group leader is an asset as is experience with (or an interest in) chalice circles/covenant groups/small group ministry programs.

Worship Coordinators (2 youth) - View Description

The Worship Coordinator(s) plan nightly CanUUdle worships for each evening of the Con, and a closing circle Monday morning. Together they are also responsible for working with the Young Adult Worship Coordinators in creating and leading the Youth and Young Adult led worship for all the ACM participants and working with the YA Worship planners and other Adult Worship organizers to plan the Bridging Ceremony (Note: when the Bridging ceremony will happen during this year’s ACM is still tbd). To help in these tasks the Worship Coordinators run a Worship Planning Workshop, and should plan to recruit interested CanUUdlers to assist them in leading the CanUUdle worships.

Desired attributes for this position include: having a “worshipful presence”; being an excellent facilitator; being creative and insightful; being adaptable to the circumstances of the conference; having ideas for and experience with planning youth worship; being able to collaborate effectively.  Prior experience planning and leading worships for a youth Con is a must, having Spirituality Development Conference (or similar) training and/or song leading or other musical talents is an asset.

Staff Application Form:

Please allow at least 20 minutes to complete this application. You’ll also need 1 youth and 1 adult reference so make sure you have those before submitting it.