Guidelines for Youth Ministry

Youth Safety Policies

The Canadian Unitarian Council is committed to holding safe and inclusive events for the youth of our denomination.

To this end the following policies, rules, and requirements have been developed to help clarify responsibilities and expectations for the youth, and the adults who work with them, when attending programs and events run by the CUC.  These policies will be in effect at all CUC Youth Events.

These policies are based on current practice in Canadian youth ministries and standard, professional best practices regarding youth work, so they are recommended for CUC member congregations to adopt and adapt for their own congregational events and circumstances.  Recognizing that standards, values and best practices change and evolve over time, these policies should be understood to comprise a living documents and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

View and download the whole CUC Youth Safety Policy [PDF]

If you have questions or concerns about youth guidelines, age ranges or accommodations for youth events, please contact