Dare to be Religious: Readings

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Chalice Lighting

By Janet Vickers
Version française : Gilles Marchildon, Lucie-Marie Castonguay-Bowers, Jo-Anne Elder- Gomes

Breath of the divine, light a flame of reflection in all that we do.
Breath of creation, light a flame of connection in our circle of care.
Breath of wonder, light a flame of inspiration to cultivate participation.
Breath of fear, light a flame of courage to be who we are: sentient, vulnerable, and diverse.
Breath of this moment, light a flame of celebration – for our future unfolds the covenant of this day.

Souffle du divin, donnez vie à la flamme de la réflexion pour découvrir le sens profond de nos actes
Souffle de la création, donnez vie à la flamme de la compassion pour créer des liens qui nous unissent
Souffle de l’émerveillement, donnez vie à la flamme de l’inspiration pour nous inciter à la participation active de tout notre être.
By Janet Vickers
Souffle de la peur, donnez vie à la flamme du courage pour être qui nous sommes : consciencieux, vulnérables et diversifiés.
Souffle du moment, donnez vie à la flamme de la célébration pour que notre avenir puisse se déployer grâce à notre engagement d’aujourd’hui

Responsive Reading – Congregation reads the parts in italics

by Rev. Anne Treadwell
French response by Lucie-Marie Castonguay

May we recollect that everyone who has changed the world for the better has run the risk of failure. To be religious, which is to commit ourselves to a better way, in our relationships, our work, our society and even our leisure, is also to risk failure. May we dare to take such risks.
May we dare to be religious in all we do.
Puissons-nous oser d’être religieux en tout ce que nous faisons.

Sometimes, the most radical thing we can do is to introduce people to one another. We dare to believe that each of us can increase another’s energy, inspire another’s thinking, support another’s courage.
May we dare to create connections.
Puissons-nous oser créer de nouvelles relations.

It is tempting to remain apart from the affairs of the world, secure in our private world, but to be religious is to keep always in our consciousness that we are interdependent. We are inescapably part of all around us, but we must choose whether we will act in light of that reality.
May we dare to participate rather than withdraw.
Puissons-nous oser participer plutôt que de se retirer.

Not everyone is like us, however much we wish they were. It takes courage to recognize and deal with our differences, for it means adjusting our own ways of being. It takes courage to celebrate wholeheartedly the myriad human ways of believing and acting and being.
May we dare to risk diversity,
Puissons-nous oser accepter le risque de la diversité,
May we dare to be religious in all we do.
Puissons-nous oser d’être religieux en tout ce que nous faisons.

Chalice Extinguishing

By Janet Vickers
Translation by Jo-Anne Elder Gomes

To be religious in all that we do is to let our connections create our inspiration leading us towards the participation of the fullness of our beings, whole to whole, and towards the awareness that risk is no more or less than the inheld breath of diversity.

Être réligieux dans chacun de nos gestes est de laisser les liens entre nous créer l’inspiration qui nous mènera vers la participation où les plénitudes de nos êtres se rencontrent et vers la conscience que la risque n’est ni plus ni moins que le souffle retenu de la diversité.