Worship Resources

Training and coaching in worship development, leadership, and sermon preparation is available through the congregational development resource person in your area.  Please contact them to find out more.

Materials for Worship Services and Celebrations

The following resources are offered to help with planning worship services. They are available to be used and adapted as needed, but please credit the author.

Sermons and Prepared Services

Holiday Themes

Readings and Resources

  • Working Together: Cooperation Story and Service Elements. On March 30th 2008, ministers from Southern Ontario exchanged pulpits. London, Olinda, Waterloo, Toronto First, Neighbourhood, Mississauga, Peterborough, Don Heights and Hamilton participated in a minister shuffle where each minister spoke on the same topic, “working together.” Each of the participating ministers wrote one of the service elements which were shared in common.

If you are a member of a UU congregation in Canada, you are invited to join a discussion of worship programs by sending a blank email to cuc-worship-discussion-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Copyright Information

Increasingly, in an attempt to make themselves known to the
communities in which they operate and those who come across their website,
congregations are posting material highlighting their congregation and worship.

However, it is important to protect the congregation from legal action and other
risk exposure by paying attention to the restrictions on sharing material that
is copyright protected.  The following resources may help congregations determine if their material is appropriately shared.

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•       Copyright From the United Church of Canada