What Does the December Season Evoke for You?

For many of us, the holidays are a time to connect with family and friends, to catch up on stories and journeys over food and drink, and to spend time with loved ones. Some of us revel in the excitement of getting that must-have LeapPad for the precious 4 year old in our lives, the wrapping, decorating, baking, cooking, welcoming, visiting, eating. Others of us sigh, take a deep breath and trudge on through it. There are those of us who would prefer to avoid the holiday season altogether, when all the bustle brings out the snark and growl in us. For some of us, the holiday season accentuates pain and loss, tragedy and grief. Others of us find quiet moments of meaning and joy to keep us sane and help us celebrate. Many of us give of our time and resources. Some of us work during this season – writing and delivering sermons, ministering, coordinating, conducting, singing, and maybe collapsing at the end of December.

Whoever you are, wherever you find yourselves, and however you find meaning this December, may we remember these (paraphrased) words from Victoria Safford:
We already possess all the gifts we need; we’ve already received our presents: music in our souls, the light of imagination in our minds, the ability to build peace on earth, and to hold each other tight in love.”

Here’s what some of our congregations and communities are doing this December (with apologies to those congregations who aren’t represented here – a full list of congregations and their websites is at http://cuc.ca/congregations/):

For a special holiday treat, Rev. Wendy Luella Perkins generously shares her updated video and song of “Every Night a Holy Night,” inspired by “Each Night a Child is Born is a Holy Night” by UU educator, Sophia Lyon Fahs. Wendy says, “The video features images of newborns and their people set to the background of starry nights and snowy scenes (mostly friends and neighbours). Please feel free to use it in a service over the holiday season (it works well as a prelude or meditation), send it around on FaceBook, link it from your congregation’s website, etc. If you do use it, please include: ©2013 Used with permission — Rev. Wendy Luella Perkins www.wendyluellaperkins.com.”