Welcome Back!

Church OpenIt is always an exciting time of year to welcome everyone back to a new year of church programming! We all hope to return with new ideas, reinvigorated convictions, and new energy for the spiritual work we undertake in community.

As always, the CUC is here to offer support to congregations, and this summer has seen a number of new initiatives come to light. Here are some of the tools and resources curated by CUC staff that have been introduced in the past year:

Congregations, Charities, and Best Practices
This on-going series from CUC Executive Director Vyda Ng explores with greater depth some of the questions and concerns that arise for congregations in relation to Canada Revenue Agency rules for Charities. Learn more about congregations and political activity, rental policies and rites of passage, what to do if CRA comes calling, and other pertinent topics at Congregations, Charities, and Best Practices.

Networking Tools
This summer, CUC staff introduced Roundtables, a new platform for connecting and sharing wisdom and ideas. It’s a pretty simple concept: we offer you a Zoom space (online video conference) to discuss or workshop a particular topic, we promote the Roundtable with you and offer facilitation support as needed. Read more about how Roundtables work, and how you can suggest a topic for a Roundtable right here.

CUC Staff have periodically been hosting webinars for Canadian UUs on a variety of subjects. Next up is Board Legal Training 101 with Joan Carolyn on September 17th 13:30 ADT | 12:30 EDT | 11:30 CDT | 10:30 MDT | 9:30 PDT. Register by September 13th! This webinar is based on a new video “Serving on a UU Board in Canada”, produced by Jen Rashleigh, in which Geoff Gomery Q.C., a lawyer and former board member at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, offers legal context and practical advice on serving on Unitarian Universalist boards in Canada.

CUC Google E-Mail Lists
This summer also saw the switch from three of our Yahoo Groups email lists to a new Google Group: cuc-leaders. Many of you have likely already been added to this group, which supersedes the former cuc-leaders, cuc-current-presidents, and cuc-current-ministers lists. A Newsletter Editors Google list was also created, and other Yahoo e-mail groups, like CUC Money and others, will eventually be migrated over to Google. Contact info@cuc.ca if you would like to be added to any of the Google groups.

CUC Lay Led Worship Group
This group is where you can bring your ideas and questions about Lay Led worship. The goal of quality worship, providing people with an opportunity to reflect and connect with meaning in a variety of ways is fundamental to the group’s purpose. Resources for quality worship will be found at cuc.ca. Contact linda@cuc.ca to join this group.

Please bring a spirit of curiosity and openness to the discussion!