Vyda Ng Chosen as CUC Interim Executive Director

Vyda Ng

THE CUC BOARD of Trustees is delighted to announce that Vyda Ng has accepted our offer to take on the position of Interim Executive Director.

The Board of Trustees thanks the many people across the country who participated in the process of reviewing the job description of the Executive Director in early January. Out of that consultation came a recommendation to search for a two year interim executive director who has a strong knowledge and understanding of Canadian Unitarian Universalism.

Vyda is uniquely qualified for this position through her long involvement with the Canadian Unitarian Council, as a Board member, Board President, chair of two national CUC task forces, and in a number of other volunteer roles. In addition to her experience within our Unitarian Universalist movement, Vyda’s prior experience as a counselor and as Executive Director of the Coalition Against Violence in St. John’s have contributed to developing her skills in working with people with diverse points of view.

Her collaborative style of leadership and management bodes well for developing positive relationships and productive team building. Vyda enters the position with a sound core of Unitarian Universalist knowledge and a deep commitment to the UU movement in Canada, evidenced by her consistent participation in UU and CUC affairs. Her experiences both within our movement and in other non-profit environments amply demonstrate her leadership capabilities.

Vyda will start work on May 14 and will be at the Spiritual Leadership Symposium in Ottawa from May 18-20.

8 thoughts on “Vyda Ng Chosen as CUC Interim Executive Director

    Both to Vyda and to all of us who are the CUC! I can’t think of a better choice at this crucial time in our history – Vyda has our Canadian movement inscribed within her soul. She has my unlimited support and love!

  2. Congratulations to Vyda! She’s an excellent choice for this position.

  3. Great choice! Congratulations to Vyda and to the CUC. Having had the honour of working with Vyda, I can attest to her leadership ability and commitment to UUism. Here’s to a strong future for the CUC and all its members across Canada.

  4. Heartfelt congratulations to Vyda and to those who participated in the selection. It was my great privilege to serve as a CUC board member during her tenure as fellow-member and president. I cannot conceive of a more appropriate person for this challenging position.

    • Knowing Vyda through the Lay Chaplaincy Committee, and knowing Nora for her sound judgment, I also feel confident that Vyda will do well in the 2 year commitment, and hopeful that she will stay on as ED. ‘

  5. “Vyda Ng is CUC’s New Interim Executive Director”
    Upon first glimpsing this headline in my Canadian Unitarian eNews,
    my first thoughts were, “Hooray!” and, “I hope that Vyda will stay
    as our Executive Director far beyond two years.”

  6. This is such great news. I’m sure that with all of her experience as well as her wonderful outlook, she will bring energy and vision to the CUC. Congratulations to all!

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