A UU Youth Chaplain Training Opportunity in Ithica, NY, April 6-7

First Unitarian Society of IthicaFIRST UNITARIAN SOCIETY OF ITHICA, in the UUA’s St. Lawrence District, is hosting a Youth Chaplain Training on April 6-7, 2012 (Easter weekend).

This is an exceptional opportunity for youth and adults to learn more about empathetic listening in the context of UU youth community. CUC has learned of this training on short notice, and is spreading word as it may be some time before we can offer one in Canada.

The cost is only $30. Registrations are due by March 30th.

CUC has subsidy funds to support youth (and adult advisors or other congregational leaders) with financial need in attending events of this kind. Please note that our subsides have been newly updated for 2012. (It is sometimes possible to receive more than the amount listed depending on circumstances.)

Event details:

What: Youth Chaplain Training (see description below)
When: April 6-7, 2012 (8pm Friday to 5:30 pm Saturday)
Where: First Unitarian Society of Ithaca (306 North Aurora Street, Ithaca, NY)

Chaplain Trainings are small working conferences designed for youth and advisors to gain the skills needed to effectively listen to, affirm, and emotionally support conferees at youth events. Chaplains are individuals who help manage crises, ensure a healthy and safe atmosphere, and bring spiritual resources and support to the community.

The Chaplain Training focuses on the following:

  • Understanding confidentiality — when to keep and when to break safety concerns
  • Maintaining appropriate personal boundaries (physical, emotional, etc.)
  • Perceiving and responding to the needs of the conference community as a whole
  • Developing communication skills: active listening, non-verbals, etc.
  • Being an empathetic listener, understanding and accepting different emotional situations
  • Working as a team with other chaplains, worship planners, and conference staff
  • Legal and ethical considerations to ensure a safe and healthy conference community
  • Responsible, intentional and culturally appropriate use of worship materials

Register by: March 30, by e-mail to Ella Rubio. Forms are the same as for US youth cons, and can be found here. Please bring the forms and payment to the training.

Cost: $30. Congregations should cover this cost for advisors, and consider supplementing the fee for youth leaders as well. Cheques should be made out to St. Lawrence District.

Bring: Sleeping bag, air mattress, comfortable clothes, and toiletries. This is an intensive training, and activities will take up all the waking time available. Sleeping is in the church.

Leaders: Zach Ritter (youth) and Jeff Lamicela (adult). Zach is a graduate of the UU Leadership Training Institute. Jeff is a Level 3 UUA Chrysalis trainer.

Questions? Contact the St. Lawrence District Youth Coordinator, redlami@yahoo.com, or (315) 446-1398.