Shared Ministry

2008 ACM OttawaMinistry is the act of serving. Shared ministry is what we (members of the congregation, paid staff and ordained ministers) do to serve our congregation and the broader community, individually and together. Each individual brings unique gifts to contribute.

Ministry is everything a congregation does to fulfill its mission. Shared ministry may involve teaching in the church school, sitting on the Board, working on Social Justice projects, singing in the choir, or volunteering at community events. Shared ministry occurs when individuals find ways to use their gifts to serve each other and the greater community.

The most effective form of ministry is one that shares power and responsibility between the laity and the professional clergy.

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Small Group Ministry

One of the ways congregations live out their shared ministry is through a small groups program. Small Group Ministry is an important part of how we do Church. This includes community building, nurturing leadership, practicing our religion and fulfilling our UU Principals and our Church’s Mission.

  • Wise Elders Curriculum (pdf) was developed by Audrey O’Callaghan, an experienced UU from Ottawa. It is a form of small-group ministry, and enables seniors to share their stories and wisdom.