Canadian Sermon Series Archive

Sermons by Ministers in Canada

A collection of sermons submitted by Ministers in Canada between 2001 and 2005 for national use. The Ministers have granted permission to publicly read, quote from or copy any of these sermons with proper credit to the author.

Mar 13, 2005 Unitarianism: Where Did We Come From?Ray Drennan
Dec 12, 2004No Room At The InnSteven Epperson
May 23, 200450 Years: Looking Back, Looking AheadCharles Eddis
May 9, 2004A Meditation On MotheringLeaf Seligman
Mar 21, 2004Jésus, Un Radical ÉgalitaireCharles Eddis
Mar 21, 2004Jesus, Radical EgalitarianCharles Eddis
May 18, 2003Getting To The Heart Of ItSusan Van Dreser
Mar 22, 2003Iraq War AnxietiesMark Morrison-Reed
Feb 16, 2003Kids Are GreatCheryl Jack
Sep 22, 2002Theodore Parker: Unitarian MaverickFrances Leigh Deverell
May 19, 2002Becoming OurselvesWendy McNiven
Apr 7, 2002The Circle, Not the CentreBrian Kiely
Jan 13, 2002Our Values And Drug ProhibitionJ. McRee Elrod
Dec 2, 2001Celebrating Life:
On Remembering Loved Ones
Anne Orfald
Home Is Where The Heart IsAnne Treadwell
Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the WillPhillip Hewett
Our Heart's ContentRev. Peter Boullata

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