Selected Sermons by Canadian UU Ministers

The authors of these sermons generously give permission to share them orally or in written form, so long as you give credit. If using an excerpt, please post the link to this page so that the full sermon is available.

May 2014“Our National Church”
A sermon on the Canadian Unitarian Council
Rev. Brian Kiely
Sep 2014Why Unitarianism MattersRev. Brian Kiely
Jun 2013Here I StandRev. Wendy McNiven
May 2013Radical Inclusion Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed
Feb 2013The Uncommon DenominationRev. Jessica Purple Rodela
Nov 2012Up Then Dear Friends And Be DoingRev. Beth Miller
Sep 2012Laboratories for Democracy – 5 Habits of the HeartRev. Carole Martignacco
Oct 2011Leading What, Where and How? One View from the BalconyRev. M. Raymond Drennan
May 2010How Shall We Live?Rev. Karen Fraser-Gitlitz
May 2009Answering the Call - Répondre à l'appelRev. Julie Stoneberg
Jan 2009“O, Canada! Liberal Religion in Reactionary Times”Rev. Brian Kiely
May 2008As Canadian as Possible, Under the CircumstancesRev. Janet Newman
Nov 2007Where Do We Come From? Who Are We? Where Are We Going?Rev. Charles Eddis
Apr 2007Ordinary CourageRex Weyler
Jan 2007The Plant Needs WateringRev. Phillip Hewett
Dec 2006“So the Children Come…” a Nativity SermonRev. Brian Kiely
Nov 2006Islam Sermon Series: The Faith | The Fanatics | The FutureRev. Brian Kiely
Sep 2006Where There Is Faith (ICUU Symposium)Rev. Katie Stein Sather
Feb 2006My Last Answer To God's Answer To JobRev. Charles Eddis
Nov 2005Three Dimensions of MemoryRev. Arthur M. Berman
Oct 2005To Think Holy ThoughtsRev. Charles Eddis
Jun 2005The Spiritual Imperative of ChoiceRev. Krista Taves
May 2005One Warm LineRev. Allison Barrett
Mar 2004Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova and the USCRev. Katie Stein Sather

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