Three New French-Language UU Resources | Exploration de notre foi unitarienne universaliste en français

THREE NEW FRENCH language publications have been made available to Canadian Unitarian Universalists, thanks to a translation project by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa (UUFO).

They include:

All are available for immediate download from the CUC website using the links above, along with a cover page for the collection, and this overview of the project in French and English:

The translation project, Exploration de notre foi unitarienne universaliste en français, began five years ago with a grant from the West Trust Trustees in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The goal was to provide high-quality literature for Franco-Canadians interested and curious about Unitarian Universalism.

A small group of people at UUFO dedicated themselves to selecting material, arranging permission for translation and publication, and engaging a translator. The project leaders recognized that it has been a challenge for Francophones to find relevant material about our denomination: our movement’s history, our practices and our liberal faith.

Project leaders included Dale Falkenhagen, who was UUFO President at the beginning and has followed the project throughout, Lucie-Marie Castonguay-Bower, Rev. Frances Deverell and Maurice and Danielle Cabana-Proulx.

CUC is grateful to UUFO for this outstanding project.

3 thoughts on “Three New French-Language UU Resources | Exploration de notre foi unitarienne universaliste en français

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  2. Vancouver Churches needs to reach out to thre Mandarin (Chinese) speaking people for I believe reasons.

    1. The future globally over the next 50 years will be dominated by the Chinese peoples and culture.
    2. We in BC have an opportunity and obligation to reach out as many families are looking for a faith and I believe the Unitarian way of being.
    3. Many speak English and would appreciate a faith that explains thing so older relatives might find our thoughts appealing.
    4. As a welcoming faith we need to express the idea to a large part of the growing population in and around our Vancouver Church.

    shay shay Ed

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