CanU Writing Opportunities

Who writes for the CUC? Maybe you!

Unitarians and/or Universalists with something to say can “pitch” a story to (Look over the newsletter and you’ll see that most articles are very short.

We continue to welcome unsolicited (and unpaid) pieces. We sometimes invite volunteer writers available to do short, time-limited (often 2 weeks from start to finish) writing or editing assignments. Are you interested?

Writing/editing assignments involve:

  • interview several (3-8) people involved in some aspect of UU life and then write an article of about 500-600 words
  • interview and write short pieces (100-400 words). Usually a follow up from a congregational newsletter item.
  • work with a selected individual to produce a “Testimony” column
  • take pieces from congregational newsletters or other sources and edit them to fit style and size (often only 90 words) for CanU columns such as “Across the Country”; “International” and “In Memoriam”.
  • best practices: Interview and collect information for sharing on congregational “best practices” – usually involves 3 congregations with similar successes.

Most assignments require checking with the original author or subject on the final piece and also obtaining a high-resolution photo.

Deadlines and expectations for all assignments are agreed to in advance. No expenses are paid unless arranged in advance.

Apply to Kenzie Love Give your interests and experience along with samples of your written work.