Drug Policy

Our Unitarian history calls us to pursue a more just world. Our faith compels us to hold our leaders accountable to the ineffective and harmful effects of current policies. In calling for a radical change in Canadian drug policy we are mindful of its victims. Addiction is a disease (and a disability according to Canadian human rights law) and consumption of drugs should not be a crime. Our Unitarian values also call us to reflect upon the spiritual crisis faced by people with addictions. Dependence on or inappropriate use of legal or illegal drugs may point to unmet human needs or alienation from community life. Our values compel us to advocate for compassionate policies. We believe that Canadian society has the imagination and capability to better address the complex issues around the demand for drugs, both legal and illegal. We build on the social witness positions taken by the Canadian Unitarian Council in resolutions on drug policy that have been adopted from 1968 to the present. Let not fear or any other barrier prevent us from advocating a more just, compassionate world.

Passed at the CUC AGM, Winnipeg, 2003