UU’s Come from Around the World

Vision Statement
We envision a Canadian Unitarian Universalist faith where all who affirm our principles will be intentionally welcomed into our congregations, our leadership and our programs and that our diversity actions will provide the moral authority to encourage diversity and inclusivity in the social, economic and political fabric of our country and around the world.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to encourage, support, and provide resources to inspire congregations to be intentionally welcoming of all people who affirm our principles and come to our faith, by providing examples of practices and programs that promote and celebrate diversity and inclusion. Beyond the borders of our faith community, we commit to advocating and encouraging the adoption of standards and practices that support diversity, inclusivity, equity and access in all aspects of Canadian and global societies.

This group was formed by the union of two groups, Anti-Racism and First Nations Justice. Its goals are to encourage diversity in Canadian Unitarian congregations, and encourage bridge building to other ethnic groups which form the mosaic of our communities.

The first principle of Canadian Unitarians affirms the worth and dignity of each human being.

We value you: who you are, where you come from, where you are. We are eager to have diversity among us and committed to helping our faith community grow to reflect the diversity of Canadian society. We are excited about finding new ways to work towards justice and equity in our congregations as well as in our communities. Our faith community embraces thousands of members across the country, lively and committed people with a multitude of perspectives, talents and interests.
In our congregations, people have beliefs that come from many sources. We want to welcome people from all racial, religious, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds. We want to learn what you have to teach us, from your background and experience. We want to include you in our faith community, where shared values are more important than shared beliefs. Be welcome!

excerpt from Would I Be Welcome Here, 2010

Actions and Issues

Truth, Healing & Reconciliation

Thank you for considering piloting parts of the Canadian Unitarian Council’s Truth, Healing & Reconciliation Reflection Guide with us. The Guide will have sections for various age groups and we are beginning by developing the upper elementary and adult sections. … Continue reading

Diversity Current: How We Aspire to Live

The CUC’s Diversity Monitoring Group (DMG) is working to re-launch the Celebrating Diversity program. The Celebrating Diversity program is an intentional way of supporting and encouraging UUs to live our values in a peaceful and inclusive world community. Often the … Continue reading

Ethnic Diversity: Who Are We?

Rev Dr Mark Morrison-Reed The purpose of the Canadian Unitarian Council’s (CUC) Diversity Survey carried out in the fall of 2012 was three-fold: First, to develop an ethno-racial demographic understanding of the CUC membership constituency; second, to gain knowledge of … Continue reading

Voices from the Margins Offers Reflections on UU Diversity

CANADIAN UUs are justly proud of our commitment to social justice and our openness to diversity — but we may also be quietly aware our membership is not very diverse.

“Voices from the Margins: An Anthology of Meditations,” a new book of readings co-edited by Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed, aims to deepen our conversation on the subject.

Continue reading

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Resolutions – 2007 – Anti-Racism

TWO RESOLUTIONS TO AMEND ANTI-RACISM RESOLUTION OF MAY 2003 For presentation and voting at CUC ACM May 2007 Submitted by CUC Racial and First Nations Equity Monitoring Group RESOLUTION I WHEREAS it is more powerful to assert that which we … Continue reading

Resolutions – 2003 – Anti-Racism

Resolution On Anti-Racism After the 2002/2003 study on racism, we present the following motion for adoption at the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Unitarian Council (“CUC”) in Winnipeg. BECAUSE as Unitarian Universalists we are covenanted to affirm and promote: · … Continue reading

Resolutions – 1995 – First Nations Justice

First Nations Justice In recognition of historic and continuing injustices suffered by First Nations* peoples in Canada and the current importance of redress, healing, and commitment to working out a new relationship between First Nations peoples and Canada, and In … Continue reading