Choices in Dying

Overall, Unitarians express a clear desire to have choice in the manner of their dying.

The principles of the Unitarian religion strongly support the right of individuals to make choices for themselves and of the need for the larger community to respect those choices. Our principles also lift up the inherent worth and dignity of human beings, which we consistently interpret as a call to improve and preserve the quality of life. A large majority of Unitarians hold that these principles guide us to a position of supporting the widespread calls in Canada for the legalization of assisted suicide or euthanasia.
June 1, 1994 Conclusion from the South Fraser Unitarian Congregation: Death and Dying: A Study Guide for Unitarians, (CUC, 1992)


Actions and Issues

Consultation on Assisted Dying

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Other Organizations

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Articles on Euthanasia in Humanist Perspectives

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Green Burial by Allan Grose

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A Death of One’s Own, December 2011

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CARP-Parliamentary Committee Report, December 2011

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Decriminalize Euthanasia

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Farewell Foundation Case Rejected

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Restart the Debate on Assisted Suicide

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Books and Plays, A Resource List

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CARP – End of Life Care Report, September 2010

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Resolutions – 1984 – Health Care

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