Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing Monitoring Group was established to highlight the need for a National Housing Strategy that would ensure secure, adequate, accessible and affordable housing for Canadians. The goals of the Monitoring and Action Group are to:

  1. Identify Unitarians in Canadian congregations across the country interested in working on the issue of a national housing strategy.
  2. Develop a coordinated and strategic approach to influencing public policy related to a national housing strategy.
  3. Encourage congregations to become involved in education and advocacy activities including but not limited to letter-writing.
  4. Write letters and/or statements to government and media for signature of CUC President.
  5. Report to the annual meeting of the CUC on activities to date.

Actions and Issues

Housing Is A Human Right!

Stop the cuts! We need a national housing strategy now! Since the passing of our Affordable Housing Resolution in 2010, Unitarians, alongside many other housing advocates, have been calling for a National Housing Strategy. In 2009, Miloon Kothari, the UN … Continue reading