Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing Monitoring Group was established to highlight the need for a National Housing Strategy that would ensure secure, adequate, accessible and affordable housing for Canadians. The goals of the Monitoring and Action Group are to:

  1. Identify Unitarians in Canadian congregations across the country interested in working on the issue of a national housing strategy.
  2. Develop a coordinated and strategic approach to influencing public policy related to a national housing strategy.
  3. Encourage congregations to become involved in education and advocacy activities including but not limited to letter-writing.
  4. Write letters and/or statements to government and media for signature of CUC President.
  5. Report to the annual meeting of the CUC on activities to date.

Actions and Issues

National Affordable Housing Strategy

Read the letter sent from the CUC National Voice Team to the minister of Families, Children, and Social Development in support of a National Affordable Housing Strategy  here. Find the attached analysis and recommendations created by the Poverty Awareness Working … Continue reading

Housing Is A Human Right!

Stop the cuts! We need a national housing strategy now! Since the passing of our Affordable Housing Resolution in 2010, Unitarians, alongside many other housing advocates, have been calling for a National Housing Strategy. In 2009, Miloon Kothari, the UN … Continue reading




Resolutions – 2010 – Affordable Housing

MOTION WITHOUT NOTICE ON AFFORDABLE HOUSING MOVED BY Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson, Vancouver, duly seconded and CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY as amended, that: WHEREAS access to adequate housing is a fundamental human right (paragraph 25(1) of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human … Continue reading