Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility – Everyone’s Responsibility  

Working with our member congregations, and nation-wide monitoring groups and study groups, the CUC encourages coordinated action as well as responsible individual action on matters of social concern. Unitarians and Universalists have a proud history in the forefront of many movements for social change. The CUC, its member congregations and individual UUs are active on many issues, including the following for which we maintain Social Responsibility Monitoring Groups.

Why do Unitarians and Universalists Get Involved in Social Responsibility?

“We are called upon to engage in the struggle for human betterment. We don’t know ahead of time if we’ll succeed. In fact, we will often fail. But when success does come, it is oh so sweet!” – Rev. Fred Cappuccino

How Do Individuals Get Involved?

How to Join a Monitoring Group
How to Write a Letter
Resolution Process

What are Canadian Congregations Doing about Social Responsibility?

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Refugee Sponsorship
Congregational Resources
CUC Resolutions

The CUC! What are WE doing collectively?

Business Relations & Affiliations
Current Actions and Initiative

Led by volunteers, with the support of a part-time Social Responsibility Coordinator, these Monitoring Groups encourage coordinated action, as well as drafting and supporting resolutions for delegates at our Annual General Meeting in May. For more information about a group, or about becoming a member of a group, please contact April Hope,