Share Your Wisdom and Get Answers Through CUC’s New Roundtables!

webinarThis summer, CUC staff are launching a new platform for information sharing and discussion – CUC Roundtables! It’s a pretty simple concept: we offer you a Zoom space (online video conference) to discuss or workshop a particular topic, we promote the Roundtable with you and offer facilitation support as needed. This is different from a webinar (which we also do), because it relies on the expertise of the participants, and is not a prepared workshop or presentation by a subject matter expert.

Here’s an example: You’re looking to overhaul your pledge campaign and would love to hear what people have found successful at other congregations. Organize an online Roundtable to gather together leaders from across Canada who can share their experiences with pledging and fundraising. Everyone leaves with more information and ideas!

Anyone can request to host a Roundtable, or you can request a Roundtable that can be hosted by someone else. If the CUC is running a webinar on that topic, or has existing resources that could be helpful, we’ll direct you that way.

For more on how the Roundtables work and how to host one, please head to: .

This is one more way that the CUC is working to facilitate information sharing and connect UUs across Canada. If you have ideas for how we can do that even better, let us know!

Roundtable contact: Asha Philar at