Regional Fall Gatherings

What are CUC regional gatherings all about?

These gatherings of Unitarian Universalist congregations celebrate the distinctive qualities and character of their region and enable participants to build and renew friendships across congregations. They provide participants with a unique occasion for spiritual deepening and leadership development.

These have an average attendance of 100 including adults, youth and children. A youth program, often sleeping in the church building, is run, with youth joining the main gathering at key points. Child care, young fun and sometimes junior youth (age 12-14) and/or special young adult (18-35) programming is planned.

The key purposes of the Regional Fall Gatherings are to provide opportunities for individuals to develop deeper and fuller relationships within the larger Unitarian Universalist community and with the CUC by:

  • Building and renewing connections and networks between Unitarian Universalists and communities
  • Experiencing a multi-generational, diverse and enriched regional Unitarian Universalist community experience.
  • Participation in a forum in which individuals can learn about and provide feedback on CUC goals and business.

The aim is for participants to come away from a Fall Gathering feeling more deeply connected and inspired. (Learning/training/skill building are valued but secondary goals of these gatherings.)

The gatherings are planned on a cost-recovery basis with registration fees covering all direct costs of the gatherings.

To assist youth in the region to attend, on your registration form there is the option of giving an additional donation to support youth attendance. Subsidies are also available for others. For more information, please e-mail