Wendy J. Shusterman

Always religiously curious & open, Wendy attended her first UU service in the summer of 2003, drawn by the inclusive and welcoming attitude of the UC in Mississauga (UCM) community. She has visited many congregations in both the US & Canada. Reading UU history & philosophy has helped her to embrace a faith tradition that truly reflects her values and personal philosophy.

Wendy benefited from serving as a CUUL (Canadian UU Leadership) School facilitator. She attended a weekend training session in the spring of 2016 with a group of highly engaged UUs from across the country, recruited by CUC staff to serve as CUC facilitators. She was involved with the founding of CUURE (Canadian UU Religious Educators) and has attended & actively participated at many CUC national conferences in the past decade.

Wendy created and facilitated a Safe Steps workshop (right relations). Most recently, at the CUC May 2016 conference in Vancouver, she facilitated on-site for Rev. Kathy Sage who was linked in remotely for the all-day workshop named ‘Justice Seeking People.’

Wendy is currently serving UCM as the Chair of the Worship Committee & is an active Service Leader. She has proudly & enthusiastically served the congregation as a Lay Chaplain (2009- 2015) and Director of Lifespan Learning (2010-2013). Wendy enjoys meeting new people and has developed many friendships over the years of involvement in the Canadian Unitarian community. She is honoured to have been nominated to serve on the CUC Nominating Committee and is looking forward to the opportunity. .