Marlene Blake Seale

Marlene Blake Seale is a parent first and foremost to four multi-ethnic school-aged children. She is also an Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) member in good standing since June 2001. Shortly after graduation from Queen’s University, she was recruited by NYC Department of Education to teach in a high-needs elementary school under registration review (S. U. R. R.) She taught in East Harlem for ten years as her way of giving help to empower minority (Black and Latino) students, families and their community. As a student teacher and professional teacher, she worked with students, parents, educators and support professionals from diverse groups. As a person living in a multi-ethnic family, Marlene understands the need for more inclusivity, as it pertains to all the ways people are considered different and grouped as a “culture”.

Marlene was drawn to Unitarian Universalism because of the principles and the inherent trinity of respect, freedom, and justice. The understanding that Unitarian Universalists do not need to believe the same thing to love the world and live together was also very appealing. Most importantly, she felt the desire to provide her children with a spiritual upbringing within a community. Marlene has served the UC in Mississauga as an occasional Sunday School Teacher and is the chair of the Ministerial Search Committee (MSC). Among congregations, she is a new member of the Diversity Working Group (DWG) at First UC of Toronto. Marlene enjoys contributing to communities from which she and her family receive many opportunities to grow and change.