Keith Wilkinson


Keith grew up on a farm in Alberta, traveled widely, completed a PhD at UBC in interdisciplinary studies, and joined the Unitarian Church of Vancouver (UCV) in 1998. At UCV he has served on a range of committees and on the Board as Treasurer and President.

In his career he worked as a public school teacher in Nunavut, as a private consultant, and as a health care and college administrator in Metro Vancouver until retiring in 2011. He writes poetry as a spiritual practice and served for four years on the CUC poetry chapbook editorial team.

Following the CUC/UUA separation, Keith served as a CUC volunteer service consultant for the BC and Western Regions, providing support in the areas of worship services and ministerial transitions. More recently, he has been active with the CUC Environment Monitoring Group and co-authored a climate change curriculum for the CUC.

Keith would like to help strengthen the role of volunteers in the CUC, develop support strategies for large congregations, and improve ways for including young adults and ethnic communities in CUC congregations.