Jane Ebbern

Board MemberJane-Ebbern

Jane has been a member in Calgary (UCC) since 1998 and has served four years on its board, one of which as president. She has also chaired the Physical Plant Committee for 1.5 years and for the last five years, has been Director of the UCC Fruit Cake Operations – a wonderful fall fundraising and community building event.

For five years she helped the Green Sanctuary Committee write grant proposals to the Alberta Government and was instrumental in getting $50,000 over these 5 years for environmental programs and improvements. She was a delegate for Calgary at the Thunder Bay and Toronto AGMs.

Jane has 22 years of corporate marketing and retailing experience plus 8 years in non-profit management. She retired at the end April 2014. In addition to serving on the UCC board, Jane was a board director for a local jazz dance company for 5 years.