Parading Our Banners

Banner-PoleBob Armstrong, coordinator of the banner parade, has a special message for congregations and their banner carriers:

I will be the MC for the banner parade at the CUC ACM in-gathering on the Friday evening, May 15.  This year, instead of a long parade of the banners, we will have each banner carried on to the stage of the beautiful Algonquin Commons Theatre whilst I introduce the congregation and read a few words about it.

I write to ask you to send me the few words you would like me to read about your congregation/fellowship/organization. Only a few words are required – I’m restricted to about 5 seconds for each banner.

The words should be light and upbeat – perhaps even humorous.  For example:

  • Calgary – the city with the mayor we would all like to have.
  • Saskatoon – the city that built a mountain for a ski hill so they could host winter games.

Please reply to me right away before it slips your mind at If I don’t hear from you, I’ll make up something which could be interesting or not.

For your information, instructions on how to make a banner pole are here