We Mourn, and We Join in Solidarity

As Canadian Unitarians, we are horrified and angered by the heartbreaking loss of life


Banner design by Alison Hall

in Quebec City on January 29. In this distressing period of escalating intolerance, we join in solidarity with our Muslim neighbours to denounce this despicable act of violence and the disgraceful rhetoric fueling fear and division.

We applaud Prime Minister Trudeau for condemning the unacceptable violence, and his recent statement affirming Canada’s ongoing support of refugees. More specifically, we commend his assurance that those who have been detained in the U.S. by the recent immigration ban are welcome in Canada. To make this promise real, we encourage the Government of Canada to take action by making it possible for those banned by the U.S. to enter Canada as soon as possible.

In light of the terrible events in Quebec City, we must unite together as a nation of people who respond with love and hospitality to our neighbours. By courageously welcoming over 25,000 Syrian refugees in 2016, Canadians have shown the world what it means to live out our principles. We have faith our government can and will take swift and meaningful action to alleviate the great injustices arising from recent changes in U.S. policy. And we trust our leaders at all levels of government will join us in condemning—and working to alleviate—discrimination in all its odious forms. We believe this is what it means to “stand on guard” for Canada.