Weddings and Other Rites of Passage

Unitarian Rites of Passage are designed to reflect the personal beliefs of the participants, and our religion’s commitment to inclusivity and acceptance in helping people mark the milestones of their lives. We have always viewed the similarities between faiths as more striking than the differences, and were among the first to affirm what were once called “mixed marriages;” marriages between people of different religious backgrounds. Our religion was also the first in the world to ordain women and openly gay and lesbian ministers, and we support same-sex marriage as a denomination. We believe that love, friendship, support and commitment are the touchstones of every marriage. The Ceremonies our Lay Chaplains conduct most often include:

Occasionally our Lay Chaplains will assist with the creation of a special ceremony – a coming out ceremony, rite of adoption, ceremony of dissolution or divorce, etc. – or provide resources that you may use to create your own meaningful ceremony. Please select Honouring Life Transitions, above, for a longer list of services we can help to create and further information.

Seeking Lay Chaplaincy Services

To find a lay chaplain in your area, visit our congregations page to locate a nearby congregation, or contact the Lay Chaplaincy Committee at