How to Join a Monitoring Group

Social Responsibility Monitoring Groups are in place to monitor social justice events on a regional, national and international scale and to highlight issues pertinent to Canadian Unitarian and Universalist Principles and Resolutions.

Role of SR Monitoring Group Members

  • Recommends policy review & resolutions to the Board
  • Shares education and resources with Monitoring Group and CUC
  • Monitors and discusses current issues during regular teleconference meetings and by email
  • Participates in drafting letters

Role of the SR Chair

  • Selected by the Monitoring Group and approved by the Board
  • Coordinates the drafting of letters, press releases and statements circulating them to the entire monitoring group for input and editing
  • Writes submission for the annual report and submits to the Social Responsibility Coordinator
  • Coordinates Monitoring Group actions with the assistance of the Social Responsibility Coordinator
  • Chairs regular teleconference meetings
  • Provides Board Liaison and Social Responsibility Coordinator with updates

Role of the SR Board Liaison

  • Ensures there is a Chair for each monitoring group and brings to the board information to appoint chairs including biographical background information.
  • Brings recommendations on policy issues and resolutions to the Board
  • Maintains regular contact with all monitoring groups and forwards issues to the president.
  • Chairs regular teleconference meetings for Social Responsibility Chairs

Role of the SR Coordinator

  • Monitors social justice issues
  • Arranges teleconferences
  • Prepares and distributes minutes of meetings
  • Assists with preparing, posting and sending of statements and letters
  • Coordinates CUC social justice activities as required
  • Provides current information on CUC SR activities to staff, Board, and on social media

The above role descriptions are guidelines and are not meant to limit member activity but encourage, strengthen and unite our voices into actions.

For further information or to become involved with a Social Responsibility Monitoring Group, please contact April Hope, Social Responsibility Coordinator,