Print Resources: UU Identity and History

The following are a list of suggested reading for those interested in exploring Unitarian Universalist Identity and History.

  1. We Would Be One: A History of Unitarian Universalist Youth Movements By: Wayne Arneson and Rebecca Scott
  2. *Full Circle: Fifteen Ways to Grow Lifelong UUs By: Kate Erslev
    Many UU congregations have asked about their members, “Why do they leave?” Kate Erslev asks, “Why do they stay?” Here she explores the 15 common threads that lifelong UUs identified as critical in their commitment to their faith.
  3. *Essex Conversations: Visions for Lifespan Religious Education
    More than 30 religious educators explore goals for the new century.
  4. Reverend X: How Generation X Ministers Are Shaping Unitarian Universalism Edited by Tamara Lebak and Bret Lortie
    Generation Xers are leading the way in what may be the most hyperinstitutional movement in the church today.
  5. Racovia: An Early Liberal Religious Community By: Phillip Hewett
    Racovia: Founded as a utopian community in 1569, by the early seventeenth century it had become “the Unitarian capital of Europe.”
  6. Out of the Flames: the Remarkable Story of a Fearless Scholar, a Fatal Heresy, and One of the Rarest Books in the World By: Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone
    Presents an intriguing study of the life and times of Michael Servetus, a freethinking sixteenth-century scientist and theologian
  7. *Unitarians in Canada By: Philip Hewett
  8. Guarding Sacred Embers: Reflections on Canadian Unitarian Universalist History Canadian Unitarian and Universalist Historical Society

*Marked books are available to borrow from the Lifespan Learning Lending Library