Visioning for the Canadian Unitarian Universalist Movement

A New Vision and Purpose

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Vision Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.On May 20th, 2016, Canadian Unitarians did something bold and made history. They approved a new vision for Canadian Unitarian Universalists:

As Canadian Unitarian Universalists, we envision a world in which our interdependence calls us to love and justice.

These 5 Aspirations guide us in living out our faith: As Canadian Unitarian Universalists, we are Deeply Connected, Radically Inclusive, Actively Engaged, Theologically Alive, and Spiritually Grounded.

This new Vision follows almost three years of discussion, consultation and refinement, involving Unitarian Universalists across the country. The Vision Task Force, led by Rev. Fiona Heath, consulted with UUs singly, in groups, and in congregations. Canadian UUs were asked to imagine and dream, and to reach for what they thought UUs should aspire to. The vote at the Annual General Meeting on May 20th to affirm this as the new vision for the national Canadian UU community was overwhelming, and was a moving moment.

In the weeks and months to come, the CUC Board of Trustees will establish a Vision Implementation Team (VIT), consisting of representatives from various constituencies and regions. The VIT will consider strategies to implement the vision and offer relevant strategies to UU congregations and communities for their consideration in implementing the vision.

Not only was a new Vision statement approved, a set of new charitable purposes for the Canadian Unitarian Council was approved. A new set of purposes was necessitated by Canada Revenue Agency’s audit outcome of the CUC, and have been approved by Canada Revenue Agency. The new charitable purposes are:

The Statement of Purpose of the Corporation is to promote Unitarian Universalism, Unitarianism and Universalism, in Canada and internationally, by:

  1. Affirming and promoting the principles, practices, and traditions of the Unitarian Universalist, Unitarian and Universalist faiths;
  2. Supporting the development and growth of Unitarian Universalist, Unitarian and Universalist religious communities;
  3. Nurturing, supporting and enhancing religious communities and other groups to work together on mutual concerns for the benefit of the community; and
  4. Providing basic necessities of life, including food, clean water, clothing, medical and dental care and supplies, shelter, and education, tuition and school supplies to those in need.

These new purposes allow the CUC to carry out charitable and religious activities both within Canada and internationally, as long as the requisite agreements with our international partners are in place.
For background material about the requirement and process for approving new charitable purposes, please refer here.

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