CU*UL School 2012 Cancelled

Dear leaders, ministers and members,

The CUC staff has had to make yet another difficult decision. After careful deliberation about our resources and challenges, we have decided to cancel both CUUL School East and West this year.

We based this on a number of considerations:

  • The past eight months have been an extremely challenging time for staff. The significant staffing cuts have resulted in increasing workloads for remaining staff, with a short time frame between March when notice of staff terminations were announced, and June for re-distributing tasks and preparing for CUUL School. The gap in communications support has also affected publicity for CUUL School.
  • Unprecedented and increased staff involvement in planning the Symposium and facilitating streams, while highly effective and valued, has meant that staff have been stretched beyond normal. This has impacted planning for CUUL School.
  • Since its inception, over 300 UU leaders have graduated from CUUL School. This is a significant proportion of our membership, and does not include those who previously attended EAGLES, the UUA’s leadership program. We may have reached a plateau with the number of leaders we develop and train.
  • Registration is low; at this time, only two have been received.

On a going forward basis, staff have begun the process of reviewing how we “do” leadership development in our UU communities. CUC Staff continue to be committed to the Board’s priority of nurturing leadership within our congregations, including ongoing assessment of how our programs, event management and congregational development support can be most inspiring, effective and economical.

We realise that there are some who have been interested in attending CUUL School this year, and we apologize for disappointing you. We hope that you will stay engaged with us as we review our leadership potential and capabilities, and that you will consider participating in leadership training in the future.


Vyda Ng
Executive Director

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