CUC-UUA Transition

Canadian congregations receive youth, young adult and ministry services from the Unitarian Universalist Association based in Boston. For 40 years, until July 1, 2002, Canadian congregations received many other services through the UUA and their districts. Religious education and growth services are among those that are now delivered directly through the CUC. Through their website, printed materials and affiliated organizations as well as informal networks and connections, Canadians continue to receive additional benefits and also collaborate with US-based Unitarian Universalists.

Following are some documents and background information for those who want to understand the current status and background information on this transition.

“At The Crossroads Again” Theme Speech at the St. Lawrence District Annual Meeting, April 2000 Donna Morrison-Reed

“Tomorrow’s Unitarian Universalism Today” A Sermon Delivered at The Unitarian Congregation of South Peel, February 4, 2001 by The Reverend Jeffrey Brown

Mark Morrison-Reed’s Theme Speech at the Mid-Winter Retreat in Ancaster, ON, Feb 10, 2001