CUC Month QUUiz 2017

UU Trivia: How did you do in this year’s CUC Month trivia QUUiz?

Which denomination was the first in the United States to ordain a female minister?
A: Universalism

Who was the first female Universalist minister?
A: Olympia Brown

What fate did Michael Servetus face for questioning the Trinity?
A: He was burnt at that stake

Which black and white film from 2012 starring Greta Gerwig depicts a Unitarian Universalist worship service, when the title character visits her parents over Christmas?
A: Frances Ha

Which famous superhero actor joined a Unitarian Universalist church in the 1990s?
A: Christopher Reeve

Which former Unitarian Universalist Minister and author is probably best known for the maxim: “All I really needed to know I learned in kindergarten”?
A: Robert Fulghum

In what year did the UU church officially affirm same-sex marriage?
A: 1996

Why is King Sigismund of Transylvania so unique?
A: He was the first and only Unitarian King.

What were the first two cities in the United States with Unitarian churches?
A: Boston and Philadelphia

Where was the name “Unitarian” first used?
A: Transylvania