CUC Interim Executive Director

THE CUC BOARD of Trustees has finalized the following position description for Interim Executive Director. The position was posted at CharityVillage and elsewhere on February 13, with an application deadline of March 31, 2012.

Canadian Unitarian Council
Interim Executive Director Position Description

Canadian Unitarian Council Mission Statement

The Canadian Unitarian Council is an organization of Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist member congregations and individual members acting to enhance, nurture and promote Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist religion in Canada. The CUC provides tangible support for religious exploration, spiritual growth and social responsibility. It represents our faith in the larger social and religious environments. Which can be summarized as: Growing Vital Religious Communities in Canada.

Job Title

Interim Executive Director

Job Summary

The Board of Trustees is looking for an Interim Executive Director with excellent leadership and relationship building skills who also has knowledge and experience with Unitarianism and Universalism and sensitivity to the Canadian context. The chosen individual will be responsible for the successful leadership and management of the CUC according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors during the next two years.

During the tenure of the Interim Executive Director the Board will be conducting an extensive consultation with its membership to clarify the extent to which they wish the Executive Director to represent our faith in the larger social and religious environments.  As the two year period draws to an end the job description of the Executive Director will be modified as required by the consultation and a decision made regarding the need to re-post the position. In the event that the position is re-posted, the Interim Executive Director will have equal opportunity to apply for the future Executive Director position.

With an annual budget of approximately $800,000 and a full time staff equivalent of 8.5 the Acting Executive Director’s primary focus during the two year tenure will be to build CUC’s relationships and systems. The individual should be a master at relationship building, leadership, administration and fiscal management.

Specifically, the roles of the selected individual will be to:

  • Build positive and mutually enhancing relationships with CUC’s member congregations, deliver excellent services (within CUC’s means), and boost member satisfaction and engagement.
  • Develop the existing staff into a strong, highly motivated and well coordinated team capable of addressing CUC’s priority needs while bringing the organization back to a balanced budget.
  • Provide solid administrative and logistical support to the CUC Board, thereby freeing it to focus on high level oversight, strategic planning, vision-driven leadership, and policy development; Anticipate Board needs as a governing body and meet them proactively.
  • Maintain full transparency and accountability to the CUC Board and build the Board’s trust and confidence by early disclosure of emerging opportunities and risks.
  • Provide regular updates on strategic progress and risk management
  • Provide or arrange the provision of professional advice (legal, financial, operational, etc.) to enable the CUC Board to make knowledge-based and vision-based decisions.
  • Regularly share honest and direct feedback (positive and corrective) with the Board and the Staff, and establish systemic improvements to enable everyone to deliver excellence in a safe environment.
  • Liaise with external stakeholders, such as UUMoC, UUA and other organizations, and build and nurture CUC’s national and international partnership.
  • Provide administrative and logistical support to CUC Committees and Task Forces.
  • Create and manage the CUC annual budget.


The position reports to the Board of Directors.

Working Relationships and Partnerships

  • Member Congregations and Individual Members
  • Board, board task forces, volunteer committees, and staff
  • UUMoC (Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Canada)
  • CUC Youth and Young Adults
  • Other Canadian UU communities; Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA), and other national and international affiliates and associates

Primary Functions

Implement board policy

  • Act as a resource to Board of Trustees so that policy decisions are made on an informed basis; suggest new policy initiatives; and review existing policies
  • Work with Board to develop and maintain the Policy Monitoring Schedule used to evaluate organizational (and therefore Executive Director) performance
  • In accordance with the Policy Monitoring Schedule, prepare and provide summary reports and statistical and qualitative feedback that will demonstrate the degree to which the Board’s policies are being met
  • Gather, interpret and articulate information to Board about congregational trends and resources
  • Keep Board informed of significant issues affecting the development and delivery of programs and services as they arise
  • Provide logistical support to Board
  • Provide guidance and advice to Board on process issues such as decision-making, accountability, and establishing and interpreting terms of reference

Oversee financial management of the organization

  • Ensure development of annual budget and present to Treasurer for evaluation and modification as required by the annual budget cycle
  • Direct and coordinate yearly staff budgets
  • Develop a business plan to carry out the Boards strategic plan
  • Identify, manage and execute fundraising programs approved by the Board
  • Maintain relationships with funding sources and ensure the preparation of funding proposals

Develop, plan and deliver programs and services

  • Ensure the monitoring of congregational needs for programs and services in the areas of religious exploration and spiritual growth, social responsibility, and social and economic sustainability, and be aware of changing contexts within which programs and services are provided
  • Ensure the development of sustainable programs and services consistent with congregational needs
  • Monitor programs and services to ensure consistency with criteria established by the mission and goals of the organization and Board Ends Policy

Develop national community

  • Develop and sustain effective communication between CUC and member congregations and among members, making effective use of technology where appropriate
  • Direct the planning, promotion, and implementation of face-to-face gatherings that highlight current board and staff priorities and provide networking and community-building opportunities
  • Support the provision of information about the organization’s goals, programs and services through pamphlets, publications, and electronic media to increase national visibility of the CUC
  • Develop opportunities for communication and collaboration between CUC and national, continental, and international UU bodies, and with related religious and governmental bodies in Canada.

Manage staff

  • Ensure appropriate staffing consistent with member needs and within the constraints of the organization’s physical and financial resources
  • Update and maintain the HR Manual
  • Update and maintain appropriate job descriptions for all staff
  • Recruit, select, orient and train staff
  • Evaluate staff
  • Ensure staff are appropriately compensated
  • Ensure effective communication and collaboration among staff

Manage recruitment and development of volunteers

  • Ensure recruitment and development of volunteers, particularly in the areas of social responsibility, lay chaplaincy, task forces, and communications

Maintain, acquire and dispose of physical assets

  • Ensure that facilities, furniture and equipment are as necessary and appropriate to needs of the organization
  • Provide recommendations to the Board for any acquisitions or expenditures that are outside the approved budget
  • Ensure proper maintenance of facilities, furniture and equipment
  • As necessary, responsibly dispose of outdated or worn out equipment

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Ability to plan activities, set deadline and budgets, and reliably adhere to them
  • Ability to organize, prioritize and focus staff efforts on the achievement of quality results in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner
  • Exceptional relationship building, people building, and team building skills
  • Comfort with conflict and ability to turn it from a problem into a opportunity
  • Commitment to sharing feedback in a manner that makes it easy to receive
  • Ability to learn from feedback and make it easy for others to share it
  • Open and accessible demeanor and ability to keep a safe work environment
  • Ability to analyze problems and their root causes and develop effective solutions
  • Honesty, integrity, transparency, and business savvy
  • Ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve excellence
  • Knowledge about Canadian Unitarianism and Universalism
  • Willingness to travel and work weekends and evenings
  • Competence with using technology personally and for maximizing the organizational goals
  • Experience in initiating, planning, implementing and evaluating programs and services

Preferred Qualifications

  • Related Masters Degree (e.g. Business Administration in not-for-profit management, Public Administration, Marketing) or equivalent experience
  • Experience in managing a not-for-profit organization
  • Within commuting distance of Toronto
  • Familiarity with Carver policy governance model
  • Ability to speak French

Please send a cover letter and resume to Gary Groot, gary@cuc.ca, by March 31, 2012.