Annual Conference & Meeting

The CUC Annual Conference & Meeting (ACM) is the once-a-year gathering of Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists from across Canada. Each year the event is hosted by one of the member congregations of the Canadian Unitarian Council.
The ACM actually consists of two components:

i) The first part is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the CUC. This is the business meeting where delegates gather to discuss and decide on resolutions, finances, and other matters that affect the CUC. The AGM is held on the Friday before the start of the ACM, and is preceded by the Resolutions Plenary on Thursday evening. For more information about the Resolutions Process, please refer to the Governance – Resolutions Process section of the CUC website.

ii) The second component is the Annual Conference. A variety of learning and development opportunities and workshops are offered by leaders from within and without our movement, providing attendees with opportunities to learn, think and play together. There is a multi-generational day, which provides time for our different generations to build connections.

Other aspects of the conference include a youth conference (CanUUdle), Young Adult gatherings, and programs for Junior Youth and children. The CUC’s Affiliates and other communities, are also offered opportunities to meet and connect.

Because so many of our congregations are geographically isolated, the opportunity to come together is, for many people, a highlight of the congregational year.

How To Make A Banner Pole

What is a banner pole and why do you need one? At the beginning of each conference, congregations take part in a Welcome Ceremony. This includes a banner parade, with each congregation bringing their banner to be held high and paraded. Hence the need for a banner pole – so you can show off your congregation’s banner and proudly claim your place in the parade of CUC member congregations.

Upcoming Events

2015 – Annual Conference & Meeting, Ottawa ON

Past ACMs

2010 Victoria, BC2011 Toronto, ON2012 Ottawa, ON
*Symposium (No ACM)
2013 Calgary AB2014 Montreal, QC
2005 Hamilton, ON2006 Saint John, NB2007 Vancouver, BC2008 Ottawa, ON2009 Thunder Bay, ON
2000 Calgary, AB2001 Montreal, QC2002 Kelowna, BC2003 Winnipeg, MB2004 Edmonton, AB
1995 Toronto, ON1996 Halifax, NS1997 Thunder Bay, ON1998 Victoria, BC1999 Mississauga, ON
1990 Vancouver, BC1991 Winnipeg, MB1992 Montreal, QC1993 Ottawa, ON1994 Edmonton, AB
1985 London, ON1986 1987 1988 Saskatoon, SK1989 Hamilton, ON