Streams and Workshops

Saturday Streams: 10 am – 12 pm, and 1:30 – 4:00 pm

S1Building Bridges Through Understanding the Village: Truth, Healing and ReconciliationKathi Camilleri & Meredith MartinDuring this experiential workshop Kathi Camilleri will take participants through an exploration of our personal role in supporting the revival of the values that worked so beautifully in Indigenous villages for thousands of years. We will also explore in‐depth the effects of Residential Schools and Canada’s Policy of Assimilation. This workshop is geared to solutions and is done from a non‐blame and non‐shame perspective, inviting all participants to become a part of the healing that IS already happening. Please be aware that Residential School effects and other issues may trigger unresolved grief and loss issues for some. Hosted by the CUC’s Truth, Healing and Reconciliation Task Force co‐chairs, Revs. Samaya Oakley and Meg Roberts.
S2No Borders: Climate Justice and First NationsDeborah Cruz, Karl Perrin, and First Nations and Indigenous guestsThe U.S. and Canada are being impacted by climate change and fossil fuel projects that are destroying/threatening to destroy Settler and First Nations communities on both sides of our shared border. Tar sands, oil, liquefied natural gas and coal are crisscrossing our borders over lands and waters via pipelines, railways, ships and more. We will be working to build foundations for international, cross-cultural and interfaith coalitions to halt climate change and those activities that serve to hasten it, in an effort to protect the Earth for all the future generations of our human and natural communities.
S3Being Bold for Climate Justice: A Search for the Truth and Meaning of Solidarity and Direct ActionAsha Philar & Aly TharpThis stream will explore bolder ways of protest, such as blockades and civil disobedience, with a climate justice lens and an emphasis on grassroots strategy and tactics relevant to current movements in Canada. We will delve into how Unitarian Universalism motivates you to take direct action, and how to work together strategically in congregations and beyond.Come engage in role-playing activities and conversations about how to organize boldly for climate justice as individuals and faith communities, support one another in loving community throughout direct action campaigns, and create strategic relationships that are accountable and in true solidarity with affected communities.
S4Justice-Seeking People: Ministering in Prisons and Restoring Justice Rev. Kathy Sage and other on-site and remote facilitatorsOur belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person and our commitment to justice, equity, and compassion in human relations invite us into a reflection on education for social justice, criminal justice reform, and restorative justice. The life-changing work of prison chaplains addresses needs we are all called to act upon: the roots of poverty, the trauma of residential schools, and systemic discrimination.

Most persons return to our communities, and all congregations can participate in easing reintegration. In this Stream, participants will hear from Reverend Kathy Sage and a number of on-site and remote facilitators engaged in prison chaplaincy, restorative justice, and educational work in a variety of settings, including the CLF, Canadian and American UU congregations, and other faith movements. They will learn about the challenges of creating a more just world for those at risk and involved in the criminal justice system, concern for those who have been offended, and about compassionate ways of acting for change.
S5Bolder Ways of Being Together - Congregational Dialogue and Networking Joan Carolyn & Rev. Linda ThomsonParticipants have told CUC staff that they found the annual Networking session to be very valuable. This year they will hosting an expanded version. Come and share thoughts and ideas about congregational and community life. Learn from others about how to meet congregational challenges and foster vitality. Listen to others share stories about the ways in which their congregation has been bold. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to work in groups with others who come from similarly sized congregations, as well as with others who share similar congregational leadership or volunteer roles. This session won’t give all the answers, but it will give you ideas, expand your network of others who care about their congregation, and hopefully leave you inspired to act boldly in the face of a changing congregational landscape.
S6What Is Your Ministry? Liz James and Gary GrootOn the road, that day when the kids found a dead pigeon. At work, when a patient explains they are ready to end their battle with cancer. Over a cup of tea, as a friend wrestles with their painful religious history. In the newspaper. On Facebook. In the garden. On the bus.

It is not just our Churches that rely on our Shared Ministry. Come join us for a lively, story filled exploration of how we live our religion every single day—and how we can fit together with enthusiasm and passion.

Sunday Multigen Workshops: 1:30 – 3:30 pm

 TitleRecommended Age(s)Facilitator(s)Description
M1"Guns or Butter": UU Principles and United Nations' Activities (Game and Discussion)
This workshop is now full.
12+Gabi Rockenfield (youth facilitator) & Tui Torrie (adult facilitator)In this workshop, the CUC-UN-Advisory Council will engage youth and adults in international processes and help participants understand and use their connection to the UN to advance UU Principles. In Part I, the first hour of the workshop, participants will take on the roles of governments of five nations in the simulation board game "Guns or Butter." Players use their different levels of power and resources to try to advance their objectives in situations of conflict, social improvement, resource management, etc. Part II of the workshop will be devoted to discussion on how we Unitarians can be bolder in applying our principles to international issues, in our thinking, in our ways and goals. Building on the conversations, experiences and insights gained during the game, when we discuss how having clarity and strategies in which we specifically apply our Principles, can help us discuss issues, identify priorities and different possibilities. This exercise will contribute new perspectives on how to gain boldness – boldness to think, to discuss, to be.
M2Diversity Dive - Social Identity ‘Circle of Privilege’ Workshop10 +April Hope and TBA. This Diversity Dive Workshop is one of several workshops being developed by our CUC Diversity Team. This experiential activity has grown out of other workshops that explore identity and privilege, starting with the “Privilege Walk."" The “Privilege Walk” activity, developed by Peggy McIntosh, exposes the impact of privileges we may or may not have. From the time we are born, before we even begin making choices about our lives, we each have different resources and opportunities from others. The traditional “Privilege Walk” helps participants see the factors that cause gaps between those who have privileges and those who do not. The “Circle of Privilege” exercise adapts the “Privilege Walk” so groups can centre their work and energy on community building.

The “Diversity Dive” workshop takes these exercises one step further. The CUC Diversity team, in collaboration with our Neighbourhood congregation in Toronto, has developed an activity which combines our “UU Social Identities” activity with information gathered by our Truth, Healing and Reconciliation Team. The “Diversity Dive” is a uniquely Unitarian workshop grounded in our desire to discover the truth, heal our relationships with all people and work towards reconciliation in our communities and across the country. Please join co-facilitators April Hope, CUC Social Responsibility Coordinator and BLANK as they create an experiential map of oppression and privilege, while providing space for participants to re-centre the impact of their own privilege in an effort to create new relationships of power and community and move towards reconciliation.
M3Human Board Games! (30 max.)
This workshop is now full.
8+Brennan and Stuart, CanUUdle Activities CoordinatorsCanUUdle Activities Coordinators Brennan and Stuart will be leading some super-sized, super-fun games for all ages! There will be two types of games, one luck-based and one strategy-based, to appeal to all sorts. These will be familiar board games like you’ve never played them before―as the pieces!
M4Bridging Through the Stages12+Arielle Canning and Russell BoothCome bridgers young and old, if you have questions to ask or stories to share. This fishbowl-style workshop invites you to come together and discuss individual and collective bridging experiences and transitions into new stages of UUism. This young adult led workshop is open to anyone who has bridged at some point in their lives or is intrigued by the experience.
M5Living Out Loud: Storytelling and Music for all ages3+Jilly Watson & Kerry Burke"All ages can join in this fun, interactive workshop that will include storytelling with lively storyteller, Jilly Watson, and music and creative noise-making with musician, Kerry Burke.

Participants will help the stories come alive with instruments, drums and shakers and will hopefully leave with even more ideas of how to live out their UU principles with confidence and compassion as they go boldly forth into the world.
M6Seeking Justice in the Holy Land16+Margaret RaoThis workshop will explore a recent ‘peace and justice' pilgrimage to the Holy Land, which Margaret Rao, President of CUSJ, made with Christian Peacemaker Team member Bob Holmes.

From the Negev Desert, through the Jordan Valley to the Sea of Galilee, from the town of Hebron to modern day Nazareth, Margaret will offer a power point presentation of the places and people she met who are working for solutions to the conflict and an end to the Occupation. Check out CUSJ’s Israel-Palestine resolution which calls for peace and security for both Jews and Palestinians, who share a common love of the land and of their children who will inherit it.
M7Bringing Food Justice from the Fields to the Streets: USC Canada7+Sheila Petzold and Robin TunneycliffeIn this workshop for adults and youth aged 12 and up with some activities for children 7 and older, there will be games and activities and an opportunity to learn about the food we eat, the choices we can make in support of farmers, food justice, and healthy local food in Canada and around the world. And we will explore ways to get involved–and why we need to get involved. Everyone will get some organic seeds to grow in their garden!