A Helping Hand for Ministerial Students

The path to ministry is both rewarding and challenging, and ministers who have walked that path know that some of those challenges include financial hurdles. The Theological Education Fund was established to help ministerial students with the expenses incurred while studying for the ministry. For more information on eligibility requirements, check here, Deadline for applications is March 31. All inquiries can be sent to tef@cuc.ca.

Sharing Our Faith: Nurturing Unitarian Universalist Initiatives

SharingThe Sharing Our Faith program provides grants for congregational initiatives which enhance ministry. Special collections from Sharing Our Faith services held by congregations across the country make it possible to fund these projects. Together we create a national Unitarian Universalist community strengthened by our mutual support.

Since 2001, Sharing Our Faith has awarded over $150,000 to congregations for growth initiatives. Continue reading


Will you? Give? And dare someone else to give?

Canada’s Governor General David Johnston, is daring Canadians to give. He has launched the Dare2Give campaign. He says, “This year’s challenge is all about driving action and making a difference… We wanted to widen the circle on giving and provide a mechanism that Canadians and charities could use to dramatically increase giving. Dare2Give allows Canadians to dare their friends and families to give with them to not only amplify their efforts but also to create a better Canada.”

The Dare2Give website explains that this “is an opportunity for Canadians to dare their friends, family and colleagues to donate or volunteer with them. Each time someone gives their time, talent or money, they make Canada a more caring nation. Continue reading

Sharing Our Faith Grants

Sharing Our Faith was able to disburse a total of $8,241 to 4 congregations this year.  They are:

  • First Unitarian Church of Victoria: $2,000 for purchase of a fixed projector to enhance Sunday services and increase rental prospects.
  • Unitarian Church of Calgary: $2,000 towards support for intern minister.
  • First Unitarian Church of Hamilton: $3,200 for outreach ministry program – support for ½ time ministry for one-year pilot project.
  • Westwood Unitarian Congregation: $1,041.91 for upgraded sound system.

We are grateful to congregations who hold Sharing Our Faith services, which in turn, benefits the wider UU community; since 2002, the Fund has granted over $143,800 to congregations for growth initiatives.

The Sharing Our Faith program provides funds for congregational initiatives which enhance ministry, aid projects and outreach for the congregation, and enhance the Unitarian Universalist movement in Canada. The Sharing Our Faith fund consists of monies collected by congregations at special Sharing Our Faith services held during the year, and from a Foundation Fund administered by the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto. These funds are allocated in the form of grants to congregations for projects they may otherwise not afford to undertake.