Application Time for Northern Lights Grants

Northern-Lights-LogoDo you have a project to support the growth of your UU community, but wish you had a little extra financial support to get it off the ground? Northern Lights is a unique fundraising program jointly sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Canada (UUMOC) and the Canadian Unitarian Council. It provides opportunities for Canadian Unitarian Universalists to directly support growth projects in UU congregations and communities across the country. When your project is approved for funding, you will be put in contact with a growing network of individual UUs (Chalice Lighters), who have agreed to donate an amount they choose twice a year to selected projects. Continue reading

A New Fund for CUURE

In honour of Caroline Balderston Parry’s retirement as Director of Religious Exploration from the Unitarian Church of Montreal, and to honour her work, a fund for religious educators will be established. This fund will help with supports, professional development, travel and other development opportunities. Donations can be made to the CUC electronically, or by cheque (with CUURE Fund in the subject line).

Theological Education Funds: A Helping Hand for Ministerial Students

When newly-minted ministers are ordained and settled ministers are installed, they remember their journey from student to ministerial professional, and they give a little back. Collections are taken up at ordinations and installations, and these funds are sent to the CUC to become part of the Theological Education Funds. In turn, these funds are used to help other ministerial students on their own long, challenging and uplifting journeys towards ministerial leadership.

This year in 2015, 3 students are receiving generous grants. From contributions from installations, ordinations, and the Percy Simpson Bailey and Rouff-Mackie-Jenkins Funds held by the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto, Sean Neil-Barron, Curtis Murphy, and Danielle Webber are each receiving a substantial amount towards their ministerial studies. We wish them joy, luck and strong constitutions on their journeys, and thank First Toronto and all those who contributed at ceremonies.

Sharing Our Faith: Congregations Helping Congregations

Sharing Our Faith is a program of the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC), and it encourages greater associational awareness in our congregations, the fostering of relationships, and a sense of community and connection among and between our member congregations and communities. It is a growth initiative for congregations, supported by other congregations.

Due to the generosity of congregations who held Sharing Our Faith services in 2014 and 2015, and to the Foundation Fund of the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto, the 4 congregations who applied for Sharing Our Faith grants in 2015 received the full amounts requested. These are:

  • Unitarian Church of Montreal – $4,400 for campus ministry and outreach.
  • Unitarian Fellowship of Regina – $4,934 for consulting/developmental ministry. This is the first part of a two-year grant; UFR will also receive $4,934 in 2016.
  • Unitarian Congregation of Saskatoon – $6,000 for outreach and publicity.
  • UUEstrie (North Hatley) – $5,900 for continuation of outreach project.

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Planned Giving: Bequests

willWhen Doug and Ellen Campbell sat down to write their wills, they knew that a few organizations had played very important roles in their lives, and they wanted to contribute to these organizations’ future health and development. One of them, of course, was their local Unitarian congregation, which has been a major part of their lives for over forty years.

But local congregations don’t stand alone. Doug and Ellen want to help ensure that there will be a national voice for Unitarian Universalism, that congregations across the country will have a way of supporting each other, and that Unitarians of all ages will have a national spiritual community. Doug and Ellen invite you to consider the health and future of our national UU community, as they did, when making your own plans.

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