CUC Month 2017: Popular UU Answers

Can you guess the top 5 answers that a survey of 800 UUs has come up with for each question?

1. Name a UU principle

a. Inherent worth and dignity of every person
b. Respect for the interdependent web of all existence
c. Free and responsible search for truth and meaning
d. Justice, equity and compassion in human relations
e. Right of conscience and democratic process

2. Favourite UU ritual

a. Chalice lighting
b. Joys and sorrows
c. Water communion/ingathering
d. Flower communion
e. Making/drinking coffee

3. Most popular youth con games

a. Wink
b. All my friends and neighbours
c. Silent football
d. Sardines
e. Mafia

4. Favourite UU hymn

a. Spirit of life
b. Enter, rejoice and come in
c. This little light of mine
d. Blue boat home
e. Morning has broken

5. A UU’s favourite alternative word for God

a. Spirit/Spirit of life
b. Love
c. Universe
d. Source / Source of life/all
e. Higher power

6. Things that show up at a UU potluck

a. Hummus
b. Anything vegan
c. Salad
d. Anything gluten free
e. Quinoa

Play Family FeUUd with your Community!

These questions were designed Family Feud style, with the top 5 popular answers posted for each one. A version of the game was played at the Multigenerational Lunch in Vancouver at the CUC Conference, 2016. Here are the documents you might need in order to play at home:

CUC Month 2017

Popular UU Answers

Can you name the top answer when 800 UUs were asked to: Name something that shows up at a UU potluck?

Find out how your answers compared to the top 5 popular answers and find instructions on how to play Family FeUUd with your community here.

CUC Month QUUiz 2017

UU Trivia: How did you do in this year’s CUC Month trivia QUUiz?

Which denomination was the first in the United States to ordain a female minister?
A: Universalism

Who was the first female Universalist minister?
A: Olympia Brown

What fate did Michael Servetus face for questioning the Trinity?
A: He was burnt at that stake

Which black and white film from 2012 starring Greta Gerwig depicts a Unitarian Universalist worship service, when the title character visits her parents over Christmas?
A: Frances Ha

Which famous superhero actor joined a Unitarian Universalist church in the 1990s?
A: Christopher Reeve

Which former Unitarian Universalist Minister and author is probably best known for the maxim: “All I really needed to know I learned in kindergarten”?
A: Robert Fulghum

In what year did the UU church officially affirm same-sex marriage?
A: 1996

Why is King Sigismund of Transylvania so unique?
A: He was the first and only Unitarian King.

What were the first two cities in the United States with Unitarian churches?
A: Boston and Philadelphia

Where was the name “Unitarian” first used?
A: Transylvania