Congregational Development Areas of Engagement

Canadian Unitarian Council Staff: Areas of Congregational Development and Community Engagement

Revised February 2015

As Canadian Unitarian Council Congregational Development Staff, guided by our Principles, we engage with congregations and communities in becoming transformative, dynamic and joyful and grounded in Unitarian Universalism by sharing best practices. Staff work by connecting, consulting, convening, and communicating, in the areas of:

Building beloved communityBUILDING BELOVED COMMUNITY, which includes:

  • Helping our leaders lead
  • Connecting, strengthening and growing communities
  • Radical inclusion
  • Solidarity with justice-seeking groups
  • Small group ministry
  • Social justice
  • Multigenerational relationships
  • Professional and shared ministry
  • National and international communities


  • Foster learning and faith development
  • Safe congregations
  • Program and curriculum consultation
  • Religious Exploration staffing and volunteer support

Spiritual GrowthSPIRITUAL GROWTH, which includes:

  • Excellence in worship and programming
  • Celebration of theological diversity
  • Living values of inclusivity
  • Multi-generational worship and programming
  • Lay chaplaincy
  • Spiritual deepening

Community ResilienceCOMMUNITY RESILIENCE, which includes:

  • Governance: structures, policies and processes
  • Vision and mission
  • Pathways to membership
  • Leadership development
  • Managing transformation and change
  • Financial stewardship
  • Conflict management
  • Volunteer engagement