Annual Congregational Certification of Membership

Growing vital religious UU communities in Canada is a joint, inter-dependent effort, and the work of the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) in engaging with Unitarian and Universalist congregations and communities is only possible with your congregation’s support and commitment. Each year in the fall, congregations are asked to send in their membership numbers to the CUC.  The numbers that you send to the CUC office are used to determine the amount of the Annual Program Contribution (APC) that each congregation remits. Your congregation’s financial contributions help us to collectively (see “Congregational Life” ):

  • Provide resources and support for your congregation’s growth or transitional needs
  • Provide training and support for lay chaplains and lay chaplain committees
  • Offer workshops and leadership development in keeping with congregations’ requirements
  • Be the voice of Canadian UUs on national and international issues of concern
  • Connect congregational leaders, youth, young adults, religious educators, musicians with each other for networking and support
  • Offer subsidies for leadership opportunities
  • Make available connecting and networking opportunities during national and regional gatherings
  • Help congregations and communities do together that which is difficult to do alone

Starting in 2014, congregations have the option of remitting a lower amount for youth and young adult (YaYA) members. In an effort to remove as many barriers as possible so that YaYAs can remain part of our UU community, delegates at the 2013 Annual General Meeting in May 2013, approved a resolution for a lower rate for YaYA members. More information is in the Annual Congregational Certification of Membership Form; presidents and treasurers – please send this in to the CUC office by the deadline of October 15th so that we can all continue the work of growing vital religious communities.

*In 2014, CUC Board Treasurer started an initiative to explore alternative ways of calculating congregational commitment, an effort to adopt a more equitable system for membership dues. Read the update here.